China flooded two provinces

The massive flooding in half a century occurred in the north-west of China. In Shaanxi province of the banks out of the river. The traffic in the region was paralyzed. Flood waters threaten to destroy the bridges. Evacuated from dangerous areas, more than 70 thousand people.

To struggle with the elements thrown thousands of rescuers and volunteers. They reinforce the dikes and dams. Despite all efforts, the water in Shaanxi were 10 cities. More than 30,000 houses completely flooded. Still about 70,000 were damaged.

Have become victims of the weather were 35 people. 17 of them were buried powerful landslide near Xi'an. 15 people are still missing.

Southwest China also flooded. In Sichuan province, floods killed 14 people and 11 were missing. All the elements of it have suffered more than three million inhabitants. Flooded 31,000 homes, washed away more than 16,000 hectares of crops. Bachzhun from cities, and Dachzhun Guanan evacuated more than a million people.

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