Chinese airport was shut down because of UFO sightings. Video


Because of the invasion of UFOs Chinese airport was paralyzed. Flights to Beijing and Shanghai have been postponed. The video shows the frames UFO invasion occurred. It's incredible. It seems that mankind is on the threshold of the approaching contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. I am sure that a few days later, the same situation is repeated in many other countries around the world. Attention! It has already begun. Airport in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, was closed after the UFO hung over him.

According to the press representative of the Department of Civil Aviation, the airport was closed for "security reasons."

According to eyewitnesses, was visible above the airport "bright shining light." Radiation was visible within a radius of five kilometers from the airport.








This is the eighth incident involving a UFO and Chinese airports since the beginning of June this year. Best known UFO hovering over the international airport in Guangzhou Ksioshan. The authorities claim that the reason for the strange illuminations in the air was a test of missiles at a nearby Air Force base.

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