Club of historical reconstruction Kitezh

Club of historical reconstruction "Kitezh" to reconstruct the historical period, as a rule, Kievan Rus early medieval period, namely 11.9 century. Why is it done? Probably because it is extremely interesting and informative, provides comprehensive development, introduction and chat with many people, it is also fun and useful free time allows.

In the priority interests of the club "Kitezh" — a living history of Russia, which includes a detailed study and recreation of historic costumes, life at the time, learning the skills of our ancient ancestors, this allows us to study traditional crafts and crafts, learn the history of Russia, because the power of the people — in communion with its ancient roots, and the strength of each of the men — one with the ancestors and native land.

In addition, the club "Kitezh" deals comprehensive physical training of boys and girls, manufactures military reconstruction of Russian traditions, studying historical fencing.

History Club "Kitezh" took the top is not so long ago — July 28, 2010. It was on this day, at least, have been identified and the name of the symbolism of the club, it was discovered the desire of all parties to engage in historical reconstruction is period of Kievan Rus. During the time the club members are actively growing in the club, trying to keep with the high standards we had set ourselves. The greatest value of the club is to his team, and his friends.

The name "Kitezh" was chosen from a list of various large enough Slavic words, names and place names. Club members wanted to keep the title is a resounding, not too posh, not very aggressive, with no bias in military terms. The name "Kitezh" is known to be true to some extent, more recent historical period, to more northerly latitudes, however, the club members agreed that the legend of the vanished city of Kitezh — one of the most beautiful and fascinating legends of the common history for all Slavic lands. So it was decided to name the club "Kitezh". Initially, the club is not a club called the historical reconstruction "Kitezh" and the club historical reconstruction and role modeling. Over time, as it became clear that mere historical reconstruction takes away most of the time, the role-playing game is hardly ever the guys will go to all the clubs.

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