Consequences of Typhoon Talas in Japan and the Maritime

TOKYO, Sept. 6 — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka.Death toll from typhoon struck Japan "Talas" rose to 42 people listed as missing 55 people, Kyodo news agency reported.

Tuesday visited Wakayama prefecture — one of the most affected by the disaster, which took place in the south of the country at the weekend, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda Talked to direct all forces in the search for the missing and rescue victims.

In Wakayama Prefecture and Nara is still no electricity and water in 1000 680 homes. In Wakayama dangling over 20,000 telephone lines. Still thousands of families cut off from the nearby communities of coming down on the roads of landslides and destroyed bridges.

The main reason for the large-scale destruction were heavy rains that accompanied the typhoon. Kii Peninsula on six days has dropped to 70% of annual precipitation, the number was more than 1100, and in some places, and up to 1800 mm. Part of the typhoon brushed and western suburbs Tokyo because of the risk of heavy rains have been closed several sites highway a few dozen kilometers from the center of the capital.

Rescue operations are hampered by the fact that in a number of areas can not go machinery and debris have to manually parse.

In the north of Japan now it rains heavily. Meteorologists warn of the danger of landslides and river flooding.

On the night of Tuesday typhoon "Talas" and came to Russia, hit the eastern part of Primorsky Krai. Several thousand people in the village in the Maritime Territory Chernigovka were left without electricity. In addition, in connection with the second day of the storm in the region ban on movement of passenger ferries and boats. According Promgidrometa, brunt eastern edge, where one and a half days to go heavy rain and blowing a gale with gusts up to 25 meters per second. Currently typhoon in Primorye has turned into an ordinary cyclone and moving to the north-east. Predopolagaetsya that rainfall in most of the region will end on Wednesday.

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More than three thousand people have fled their homes in the central and southern parts of the mainland of Japan. It is these areas flooding and landslides caused by a powerful typhoon "Talas", caused significant damage, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to the latest data, the list of 39 people who died, 59 are missing. In addition, as reported by "Rosbalt", due to the effects of Typhoon incommunicado in remote mountainous areas are more than 10 thousand people.

Japan Self-Defense Forces units, the police and a group of civilian rescue workers inspect the ruins and surroundings over the banks of the rivers in search of survivors and victims. Meanwhile, landslides and floods do not allow rescuers to examine a number of mountainous areas of Japan.

On the morning of Khabarovsk torrential rain that flooded the city's streets.

Cork 2-3 km, the movement is not more than 2 km / h, the cause of the whole "mini-flood".

All night the wind howled over the Khabarovsk, large drops of rain banging on the windows. Storm warning declared the day before, was correct. In the morning the streets were strewn with torn branches and green leaves and … flooded. Huge traffic jam in both directions of the hundreds of cars stretched endless procession of the Prospectus it. 60th Anniversary of the October regional center. And the reason for this was the road the crowds … a huge puddle formed on the roadway in the area of the locomotive depot Khabarovsk-2 station. Rainwater, finding no way out, and flooded part of the road for a few hundred meters of cars were forced to slow down and weave "goose" step in order not to "drown" in some water, which reached a depth of nearly two feet …


KHABAROVSK, September 6 — RIA Novosti.Strong wind overturned Tuesday in Khabarovsk two supports tram line, which is why the movement of trams has been suspended for some time, were severed power lines and flooded substation, told RIA Novosti spokesman GUMCHS the Khabarovsk Territory.

September 5 Khabarovsk Territory, including Khabarovsk, were ruled tsiklona.Tayfun "Talas" brought heavy rains and winds of up to 15-20 meters per second in the valleys and up to 20-25 meters per second on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. In this regard, the rescuers had forecast the possibility of emergencies. According to forecasters, the bad weather in the region will last until Thursday.

"Powerful winds toppled near the bus stop" Melkombinat "Khabarovsk two supports tram line — briefly interrupted by tram. Due to the fast and well-coordinated work of road services, the movement of trams has been restored," — said the spokesman.

He noted that the wind in the city also felled some trees, which is why there were breaks lines (PTL).

There are other consequences of the cyclone. For example, in a building № 3 Street School in Khabarovsk because of the rains there was a partial collapse of the tiles. No injuries were reported.

Stormwater was also flooded substation, which supplies electricity to edge psychiatric hospital, located at street Kubiak, 2. As a result, for the time being disrupted electricity supply medical institution. As of 15.00 (08.00 MSK), repairers have already returned the light in a psychiatric hospital.

"All-call service region are online, so that all the weather effects are eliminated as soon as possible. Sustenance settlements is not broken" — summed up the agency.

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VLADIVOSTOK, September 6 — RIA Novosti.Specialists restore electricity in the village Chernigovka in Primorye, interrupted on Tuesday night due to high winds and rain that hit the edge of the typhoon "Talas", told RIA Novosti the Chernigov rural settlement.

Tropical Typhoon "Talas", scored the weekend attack on Japan, earlier this week reached the coast of Primorye and brought to the edge of the heavy rain and wind storm. Brunt of the disaster was in the eastern region, where the two fell to the monthly rainfall.

As a result of rainfall and high winds a few thousand people in the village in the Maritime Territory Chernigovka on Tuesday night were left without electricity.

"Day on Tuesday two disconnected feeder again put into operation, and electricity in the village returned to normal," — said the source.

According to him, the accident occurred due to water ingress into the switchboard.

Earlier villagers Vedenka in Primorye on Tuesday night a few hours were left without electricity due to heavy rain and wind, which brought to the region typhoon "Talas".

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