Conspiracy scientific inquisitors

Conspiracy scientific inquisitorsScientists have for years trying to solve the drinking water problem in Russia. With enormous reserves of fresh water, its quality in water supply is poor. Clean water in the country is almost there. All spring RAS Commission on pseudoscience persistently urged journalists that invented Viktor Petrik filters for water purification are not working.
The editors have documents that contain correspondence member of the Commission on Pseudoscience RAS Academician Aleksandrov Sheveleva American journalist and Lebedev. For a million dollars, they developed a plan for "exposure" Petrik.
"I see the next steps in exposing Petrick so. I write with the Russian-American scientist (it — below), a small text only 2-3 pages on one topic: "Petrik and saving them in America." Will be part of the statements quoted Petrick about how all of America was poisoned, as people fled the city.

Then came his Petrik filters and saved America from destruction. For this HW Bush invited him to his birthday party.
Petrick was lying and inventing. Touchy topics (for U.S. newspapers) What makes explicit swindler in Russia support senior government officials: Duma Speaker Gryzlov, First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, head of the Ministry of the atomic (and former Prime Minister) Kiriyenko. Petrik received from the state budget a lot of money. "
Lebedev then tells how to get a million dollars. "I inform you the address of the site of the American anti-crooks: On this site for the most interesting revelations promised a reward one million dollars. Article, we also went to the site. You have every opportunity to get the money. "
In a response letter Shevelev insists collective version of the article. Apparently, this is due to the reluctance to lose a million dollars. "A site can be sent Randy and our collective choice. Let's ask the Eugene B. (Academician Alexandrov — approx.) About obtaining and editing and signature. Maybe he is uncomfortable for tactical reasons. "
Shepelev asked to give a natural look of this article, by signing its American surnames. "I think it would be better for business if the article signs (are) only the author (s) with non-Russian (their) name (s). Maybe the only Native Americans Schwartz and Goldberg. And then readers will say that this is just Russian settle scores with the Russian crook. "
After reading this correspondence, we can conclude that the Russian settle scores with each other. However, it is not clear who is a crook? And how many Russians will pay with their health and drinking dirty water, while academics are fighting for a million dollars?
Sergei Lisovsky,
Chief Editor of "Society and Environment"

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