Convicted students — threatened with expulsion

About the Company that among the detainees — a large percentage of students who became known after the ships. Vividly evidenced by messages on social networks. As for the exact number of detainees and numbers planted on the day, an activist of the public association "Student happy" Dmitry said:

"Accurate information, how many people were detained in what schools they attend, yet. We are now trying to collect it. Yesterday, we extended the appeal of the Internet and the media that we collect information from detainees who is a student, to help. "

Chairman of the Public Committee for the Protection of the Repressed "Solidarity" Inna Cooley says that while there is no drop-outs:

"Under the threat. And Baranavichi 5 people, and BSU, and economically. But until that deduction was not exact because people No, they are in prison. And while it is so to speak, "Suspense." And while our lawyer is such a special paper to prevent deans, as we call them, "the letter of the reaction pressure."

Member of the "Student delighted" Dmitry said that activists plan to visit deans BSU:

"According to preliminary information, it is known that a 27 BSU students prepare documents for expulsion. Among them, four students Philology. The dismissal is called a violation of discipline. "

A member of the trade union of the "Student happy" Michael opined:

Of course, the order will be that the detained students need to be expelled.

"Certainly, the order will be that the detained students need to be expelled. In some schools there is a clause in the rules of the house, that the student should not participate in public events. Therefore, there may deduct and through participation. And if those conditions in the internal regulations not to be deduct for absences, for what people do not come in pairs. How is it going to happen? I think it will still deduct. If it's for missing, they have a formal reason be dismissed. "

By the way, serving a sentence in an administrative case is not a valid reason for missing work or school. It is therefore not excluded and the toughest option — expulsion of students who have stayed for absenteeism.

With the same reason, students and deducted after the events of March 2006. Chairman of the Public Committee for the Protection of the Repressed "Solidarity" Ina Cooley said:

"Then it was almost 600 people. On the first program, Kalinowski went over 300. And plus, even in Germany, who knew German, in Holland, in Estonia. Kalinowski was an ongoing program. And under agreements aim to learn. Here Artem Dubski recently sent to Ukraine — this is by Ukrainian embassy. The practice is. And even if there will be dismissed from the budget department and transferred to paid, then we can help. We hold, as it were, his hand on the pulse. "

Most of the students against such abuse of the protesters:

"I am outraged that the students threatened with expulsion from the university. Because, first, they are innocent, they came to a peaceful demonstration. And the fact that there wascome on, do not depend on them, I think, that there general were provocations. I believe that this is a step in order to intimidate the rest. Well, in general, studies should stand apart from the fact that students do in their free time "

In the student community say that, according to the deans and faculty of the budget office, most likely, students will be dismissed, and tuition-paying students may forgive part in the action.


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