Cossack courage

Cossack courage

Not so long ago, was surprised. Heard from the 1st sufficiently literate person judgment: "We have neither heroism that stupid. All — with checkers on the tanks. "

And then it came to the battle of Kuschevskaya, when in August 1942 the Cossack units stopped the fascist coming to the Caucasus, and a saber attacks hacked more than 4 thousand Nazis. About our losses disk imaging is not, apart from the fact that they were significant. And to conclude from this that some bestalantnye commanders who threw the Cossacks in a suicide attack. In this attack the stupid — it only delayed the coming of the day or three Nazis. Was it worth it for people to ruin?

At first, naturally, I was outraged. What an idiotic conclusion? And later moved his brains — and what can be more conclusions from the above set of disk imaging. What is the person to blame? The fact that he was not told that it was in fact? Blame would-be promoters that tell of valor, and not talking about the meaning. And I decided to correct this mistake.

To begin with — I repeat well-known. From July 30 to August 3, 1942 soldiers of the 17th Kuban Cossack Cavalry Corps fought on the defensive line Eysk (pages Shkurinskaya, Kanelovskaya, Staroshcherbinovskaya, Kuschevskaya) against overwhelming odds. A couple of times the Cossack regiments in the cavalry saber walking in the attack, was killed between 4 and 6 (the numbers vary) thousand Nazis. Covered themselves in glory, but all the same … later retreated.

Now — about the situation at the front. Hitler rushed to the south — to the oil Kuban and the Caucasus. In this direction, advancing fascist choicest parts, several divisions of mountain shooters, reinforced shelves SS, and on the edge of the wedge tanks rolled, tore apart the Soviet defenses to shreds. The flat terrain made it difficult to defend — many kilometers of anti-tank ditches could not override the steppe. Reddish army retreated. At the same time retreating with such speed that there was danger of getting broken parts in "kettles". In addition — to the oil fields of the Krasnodar Territory was about two hundred miles. And here on the way the Nazis rose Cossacks.

About the Cossacks. 17th Kuban Cossack Cavalry Corps was formed from volunteers neprizyvnyh ages. And although there was a lot of seventeen boys were majority of forty — fifty years men have passed before, and the German and the civilian. It was not extravagant suicide as can be, looking at the well-known canvas on which riders with checkers fly on the tanks. These were shelled, who understand the cost of life and death, able to weigh the risk of men who understood what they were going. In the majority of their own, they were much more opytneyshemi and persistent moral warriors than twenty years of the boys, whose retreat they covered. And they knew — what goes into battle. Including — and for the retreating boys.

About saber attacks. They were, but not the same as you can imagine for yourself on film. Strategy cavalrymen into a sublime Russian markedly different from the strategy of the times plain. Cossacks in the main waged war on foot. According to the memoirs of witnesses (and I had a chance to talk with several members of Kushchevskaya attacks) — the main instrument in the Russian Cossack had a rifle, and a bit later — the machine. Lucky in melee dagger was always on the belt. But the sword in most cases were in the convoy. From a pragmatic Cossacks took them exclusively cavalry raids on enemy rear areas — in the rest of the time use from swords were not. Stallions were also used more like, but are not as "military equipment". On top of the ability to make transitions. Moved by horse-drawn guns and cannons. Not swords, and using guns, anti-tank guns and tanks gives the body a tank brigade Orlovsky School was stopped by Kuschevskaya Nazi armored vehicles. And only later, when enemy tanks and self-propelled guns were burning, and the infantry hesitated — was reciprocating attack. Under these criteria, it was even less self-destructive than the bayonet attack infantry. Yes — the rider is more comfortable target than an infantryman. But it is — for a cooked arrow in a fortified position. And just for the advancing infantry machine gunner preferable. He runs a little longer. And you're in melee with it — as an equal. A rider … Cossack Constantine undercuts, for the first world has become full Knights of St. George, a slew of Kuschevskaya 70 Nazis, for which he received the title of Hero of the Russian Union …

I've read that the riders were experienced men, shelled, able to weigh the risk. Mounted under the lava Kuschevskaya Cossacks stormed not of dashing heroism, and since it was better. Stormed out of the beam, due to the railway embankment, with a cornfield in what until then riders could not see, but by the sun (so blinded enemy). Specifically, this was achieved thanks to the suddenness of the attack. You put yourself in the place of Hitler's machine gunner. One moment back in the box was empty, but you have already cut. Yes, yes — specifically cut. You were taught techniques against strikes a bayonet or the butt, but not swords … By the way — it is important: most of the saber attacks (but then it was not just a Kuschevskaya, and under Shkurinskaya, and in other parts of Yeisky defensive line) were counterattacks. In other words, do not rush to the cavalry sighted machine guns and choppers lacking shelter hiking enemy. In other words, consciously, skillfully and successfully used the few virtues that horsemen had over foot soldiers in the field.

It is necessary to realize that this is not last endlessly be. It seems to be good Cossacks did not plan their attacks, like they famously did not make detours, all decided tanks. To the locals come out fighting next tank units Germans. Our artillery was suppressed. The Nazis continued their coming, and have incurred significant losses (lossless attack does not happen) Cossack divisions retreated, holding the enemy on three — day or four.

Cost to powder and shot? In 1-x body performing combat puzzle — provided the waste is part of the Red Army at the Tuapse and Mozdok directions. Retreating troops regrouped, dug in on the new lines of defense and did not let the enemy wherever he wanted — to the Caucasian oil. (Yes, but do you think that at the moment only for the sake of oil bombard? Heresy — previously it was the same thing). In-2, the Cossacks were given time to dismantle the equipment of oil wells Kuban and kill themselves well.

And here it is time to tell another story. In the summer of 1942, he was seconded to the Kuban Baybakov Nicholas (who is not familiar with the name — google) with a personal Stalin's parting words: "If you leave the enemy at least one ton of oil, we will shoot you, but if you destroy fisheries and Teuton will not come, then … we will shoot you, too. "

Baybakov organized the work of fisheries so that they actually gave to the last day or oil the front. Also, a method was developed that allowed guaranteed to kill the well — they just poured concrete. The Nazis, who came to the Kuban, six months of occupation could not reopen any of the well and get at least one ton of oil.

Cossack courageOurs, however, after the expulsion of the
Germans also had to drill a well knit, but they coped. In almost all coped specifically because equipment was stored at the retreat is not destroyed, but dismantled and taken to the rear. The Cossacks, day or three in a row restraining pressure armored parts of Nazi Germany, have allowed it to do so. This is no accident or coincidence — there are documents in which confirmed that Budennyi guaranteed Baibakov 5 days. Marmots, by the way, 5 days did not believe (because began to destroy the well at your own risk without waiting for orders from above), but asked to withstand at least a day or three. Specifically, in order to dismantle and remove equipment industries.

… So, if you dig a bit deeper, and the exploits of a dashing dedication detected economy and calculation. It can confuse anyone. I, knowing that no war being plotted without hope of benefit, I see no shame in that. After all, if the expected loss of benefits — a victory. The Cossacks did not let the Nazis to the Kuban oil, and gave them a chance to prevent the oil fields of the Caucasus, planted on poor rations economy Reich enforced choose — to give drink to the best of its Romanian oil tanks of the Eastern Front, or to increase the capacity of the defense plants.

So what we have come? To that cavalry charges were neither stupid nor inconclusive. Under Kuschevskaya dedication, courage, daring and skill inverse (sounds pathetic, but no other word for it) the Cossacks were the salvation of the retreating boys, broke the enemy's plans, and deprived the enemy of the economic make-up, in which he desperately needed.

Generation of storytellers to swing essence, leaving only the outer stories of daring shine saber attack. Generations of students have perverted the meaning of not understanding — why throw with checkers on the tanks. Heroes — Cossacks, among whom was my great-grandfather, began to look with some unfortunate mutt, ready to die on the order of nerds.


It's time to sort out what happened, and to say thank you to the peasants, who knew how to stop the tanks, and go on the attack for the sake of their own sons.

And yet — the war Cossack divisions graduated in Prague. This I mean that our ancestors knew how to win not only the number, and skill.

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