Courts in Europe openly side with pedophiles

In Norway, the court sought the court costs with an 8-year-old girl who suffered sexual abuse by pedophile. This was an article in the Norwegian edition of Aftenposten.

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The Court of Appeal Aust-Telemark province sentenced the eight-year girl, suffering from heart disease, to pay court costs the person who committed violence against her (this was in 2009).

The newspaper Telemarksavisa, for sexual abuse of girls eight to five months in prison, was sentenced 63-year-old man. He, however, was acquitted on compensation claims.

The refund amount was CZK 60,000, but the court Aust-Telemark province acquitted a man on the item. Do not become too specific aggravating circumstance that, at the time of the sexual abuse she was only 7 years old. The lawyer appealed the decision to the girls apelyatsionnom court, but there found no reason to consider the complaint.

— In apelyatsionnom court does not believe that the decision of the court to face inconsistencies, due to which, in accordance with the law, there are grounds for appeal.

Apelyatsionny Court, established the legal costs of 2,000 euros, and in the decision in black and white, that the eight-year old girl has to pay this amount to his own child molesters.

As an attorney girls and her adoptive father in despair at the verdict, but the bill has already been paid.

— We still have the feeling that it is better not to go to court to this case — said adoptive father of the girl told the paper.

On behalf of the eight-year girl, who is currently in the hospital after surgery, her lawyer, Lin Ottar, contact the victims of violence on the issue of damages.

— Apelyatsionnogo court decision has not been appealed. The only possibility is the Supreme Court, but there is little chance that something happens. Furthermore, they increase the amount of risk compensation — said Lin.


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