Crow family terrorized mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

According to, City Hall employees Yuzhno appealed to the local Civil Defense and Emergency Situations requesting evicted from the territory of the city administration of aggressive crow family, reports "Interfax". To the extent the officials were forced after a bird repeatedly attacked people passing by City Hall.

As it turned out, the family of crows had nested on spruce, which grows near the city hall, and began breeding chicks. Recently appeared in the bird's nest egg, and the crows began to actively protect their future offspring, attacking people near the tree with their housing.

According to a rescue service in the past few days, the aggressive behavior of the crows received a lot of complaints from citizens. City Hall staff then had to ask the lifeguards arrange crows forced relocation.

On Thursday, June 2, crow's nest was removed from the spruce. On the future of birds and their future offspring is not reported.

Ravens begin to build their nests in early spring, and in the period from April to May, lay eggs (usually four to six of them), who hatches a female. Voronyata are born about 25 days after laying. At first they lived with their parents, and by the middle of summer are starting an independent life.

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