Cup of poison for the king

March 18, 1584 church bells announced the death of one of the most famous tyrants in history. Boyars called him Ivan the Fourth, people also called it the Terrible. Strange circumstances accompanied the death of the king — he died on the day in which he predicted the death of the Magi.

Ivan the Terrible and his life for more than four years after his death is the most contradictory feelings. He turned Russia into a strong centralized state, succeeding in 1547, the title of Prince of Moscow at first Russian title of Tsar of All Russia. He destroyed thousands of subjects and still considered himself a religious man.

Version of the murder of Ivan the Terrible, to approve the people immediately after the king's death, confirmed by memories of foreigners. Moreover, today is a historical fact of the violent death of the mother of Ivan the Terrible Elena Glinsky and his first beloved wife — Anastasia. This is indirectly confirmed by the possibility of murder, in the end, the king himself. But the official version of the death of Ivan the Terrible, however, states that the king died of old age.

About those mysterious events for decades arguing historians and other scholars. But still remains a mystery, was it really the first Russian Tsar killed, and if so, who could do this? Over the past since the death of Ivan the Terrible during the additional facts become known, allowing a different look at the events.

As a result, searching, investigating and analyzing the circumstances of the death of Ivan the Terrible on the basis of the chronicles of the XVI century, eyewitness accounts of the time, a number of experiments, archaeological sites and comments of specialists in different areas, "The Searchers" try to solve the mystery, not only death, but also the life of Ivan the Terrible.

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