Daria Otroshchenkov: I understand that the path may be long

Press Secretary presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov Alexander Otroshchenkov arrested on the night of December 19 and 20. Moreover, men in black broke into the apartment, where he was Alexander. Activist than once, was sentenced to 10-15 days, he seized office equipment, beaten. Alexander's wife Dasha Otroshchenkov works in fund support, "Solidarity", helps families of political prisoners who were arrested. Here's what she says about her husband's arrest this:

"First, it was not clear to a lawyer. Investigator knew that we have a lawyer, but still they first called duty counsel, with whom my husband refused to talk. Was only on Tuesday afternoon took place questioning. As far as I I know it lasted till half past three and a half hours. yet information on what happened the interrogation, I have not. I know that the lawyer had given a written non-disclosure, so many things I did not know. Now I was trying to convey the transfer together with Olga Bondarenko and Ulyana Kobetc, but we do not accept. "

Reporter: "How are you holding up, as the mood?"

"There are so many people were detained, as in prisons, to prepare them to transfer, create lists, lots of work. So somehow hold on. I understand that it may be a long way … You Do everything depends on me. "

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