Darwaza — the door to the desert (PHOTOS)


The path here is through the Karakum desert, which means "black sands" Darwaza — the "door." Thus, "the door to the desert in the middle of the black sands" — inspires. In addition to the shepherds and camels grazing in the open, no one's here for tens of kilometers around. The nearest village Erbent 90 kilometers. There are the real door to the underworld. From giant burning gas boiler breaks. Nothing, get inside can not get out.


Any living creature doomed. Once in the afterlife through these "doors", no one can escape. Buzzing and bursting with hot air crater diameter of 60 and a depth of 20 meters. Gas is far from land, split into hundreds of different-sized burning torches. In some flares flames reach 10-15 meters in height.



The origin of this fascinating quite prosaic: in 1971 there were drilling an exploration well on the gas and ran into an underground cavern. Drilling rig with all equipment and transport failed. People, thank God, is not affected. Of man-made crater of natural gas went. To avoid poisoned people and livestock, gas fire set. Since then, that for 35 years, ever-burning torches are lit. How many have since burned billion cubic meters of valuable natural resources, no one knows.

Most interesting is that close, there are two similar failure of similar origin. These craters are off, the gas pressure is much weaker. At the bottom of one of the craters — bubbling liquid mud, light gray on the bottom of another — a cool brine amazing turquoise.

Experts say that with the help of directional drilling of the denser areas of two of the three treacherous deposits may be used (apparently, industrial stocks here — in particular, the gas lies fairly close to the surface). By the way, not far from the fiery crater are several dormant wells with the remnants of wellhead, and re-enter them on line easy. But in an area with
"Turquoise" lake where in the formation of water-gas contact is allowed, mining, apparently, is no longer possible.

Especially nice to remember about hanging over the world energy crisis and global warming … Arrange a sunbed on the edge of the crater, chop Zephyrine … and immerse yourself in your thoughts …

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