Day of bitter knowledge of occupational schools

What ever happened to the school? What killed her reform — this is a common place, it is known to all. It was ruined on purpose, as an obstacle in the way of "education savvy consumers" — is also clear. But what exactly happened?

To be honest, I never in my life is not particularly happy on September 1. Well, maybe in 1980, when he first went to school … But in general — does not consider I have this day as a holiday. And then, and when he started working at the school. (When that work just like me — I mean, the process of the lessons, knowledge …)

But still, every time before that day, I felt something like a light pleasant tension. Very unclear. I do not presume to judge exactly where it was taken feeling. But I think that it arises from the awareness of being wanted, the need for what I do. Needed and for me personally, and for society, and for the country …

And how could it be otherwise? "Study, and that'll be a fool!" — How many times in various forms, from a highly relaxed and polite to the right-obscene, heard that every one of us as a child? And how many times "rascal" and "obaldui" later admitted: "Oh, that's a fool I was, I would have to learn!" Some — and not so little — then "gets its own" at night school, and not without success. It is self-understood that the skills needed in life, and knowledge can only be obtained at the school. What "type like — did not serve in the army — so not a man!" It was not discussed at some perceived more sacred, inner level.

In the 90's, when teachers' salaries were not paid for months — why I had not dropped out of school? Because there is nothing else to do not know how? Hmm, if this were really the case, I would just die of hunger, to be honest, I've never worked in a school to make money, not a place. It's already late and the Soviet government was "not the place" to be honest. I had just one thought: I give the children the knowledge they need this knowledge, because … well, what else? ..

… Those days are gone. For more than ten years in the majority of schools and think about non-payment of forgotten, change equipment, perform repairs … But somehow intelligence pupil compared with 90-down 30%. And compared with the 80-s — 70.

About the 60th, I will not say — I do not believe it. I myself do not want to believe, as no one wants to believe in the destructive degradation of the world around him: he lives in it, in the end, I want to at least outwardly everything was fine …

… What happened to the school? What killed her reform — this is a common place, it is known to all. It was ruined on purpose, as an obstacle in the way of "education savvy consumers" — is also clear. But what exactly happened? Why are people I know well for many years, the people, "nothing so overlooked," suddenly like crazy and creepy persistence began to look for opportunities to transfer to home schooling children and generally alienate the child from his home, "a source of knowledge"? Such a case I know of no one! But other, less thoughtful, but no less philoprogenitive the opposite — no end to this source of thumps money and surprised to discover that they are leaving — like water in the sand, and knowledge does not come, and the child will still have to hire a tutor? Why, finally, the children were treated to the school, as a farce, and who is more intelligent — with mocking disdain disdainful?

The fact that today's schools have some serious problems. Problems encountered — alas — in the last decade, is generous and abundant financial support to schools and innovative projects in the field of education … the amplitude of the … injector.

Here they are the problem — I have listed below.

1. The most important. The school ceased to be a place where children are taught.

I'm talking not even plans to make the school officials "free trial" (or "partially paid" as someone like that). The fact that schools have forgotten the main thing — do not "progress", with which all are worn like a fool with shorts on a stick, and which, I'm sorry for harsh words, hesitated teachers and students dismissed. Importantly — knowledge. Knowledge. But knowledge does not fall from the branches in the mouth. They are not dobudesh "playfully" and not downloaded from the Internet to the head.

Them up-to-wa-UT. As the saying goes — you remember about the work and the fish? And the process of production of anything it was — a process complicated and difficult. Understand its severity should be since childhood.

And here — the feeling is that students do their best to make life easier. Twos — is stress. Delay for a change — a crime. Notes — psychological violence. Strict requirement — even fascism. But the right of the child to the school more than a year become "all that is holy and sacred". This violent struggle for children's rights — is beyond the mind, you can only compare it with the activity of some idiot who took a group of children and locked her in a comfortable room in which are scattered on the floor mixed poisons, products, explosives, drugs, books, loaded guns, clothing for all tastes and so on. Like, children have a right, they will understand.

They understand. And as …

Ruthlessly cutting … in schools really meaningful, mozgoobrazuyuschie, so to speak, under the pretext of their subjects "too complex to understand," officials from the education somehow actively and widely there is a place for the "things" such as "the basis of religion," "History of the Holocaust" ( !) and "Lessons of Tolerance". They are actually needed. But not students, and government. Because they help "wash consciousness" educate victimization, safe for the government entity. That's all. Other functions in these and similar innovations not.

In addition to the senseless waste of school time, there is another problem that prevents children to school to acquire knowledge — is hunting schools for money. Six years ago, when I first heard the slogan "for a child to school the money is going!" I got up at a parent meeting and warned all loud and clear: get ready for a big trouble.

A year later, small rural school where I worked, was closed. No children — no money, and how.

Then, in the village had about 300 pers. Now — 57 …

… Battle for children (for the money that goes with them) is not the first year and recalled children's tears and blood. Indeed, on the same principle work, for example, and children's homes — and they have become more advantageous to conclude … inmates, sorry. But this is a separate issue. And the urgency of life is such that the production of money through the children's souls became the scourge of the education system, along with the infamous exam. What were the knowledge, what are the requirements, what rules? Let the student at least "just sitting in class," and then, God forbid, drops out of school or another will — we will cut funding for the same!

Such umoisstupitelnaya game in Russia was impossible to do with kings, under the emperors, under secretary-general, or even under the first President of the Russian Federation. This is the work of our current injectors … that is, fursenok.

2. School has become a danger to the physical and mental health of the child

It's not so much for schools hinterland (although even here there are "brilliant exceptions", alas …) But in the big cities — not even millionikah and sotennotysyachnikah, say — well aware that many around (no matter how near most) schools , and sometimes even in their walls, constantly grazing traffickers. In the schools themselves often study together with "normal" children or young sociopaths that can open a beer or ordinary zamateritsya in class (teachers still are deprived of the impact on them), or "children of immigrants" — it is actually forbidden to speak, not to " destroy multiculturalism ", and yet, their customs and behavior every now and unacceptable in a civilized society. Beatings, rape, shootings and sadistic pornographic films, bullying, theft, lessons with a strange overtones — all became part of the modern "school of life" with the connivance, and sometimes — direct patronage of the school administration.

It is worth to mention the mass "vaccination campaigns," when children are vaccinated untested, experimental drug directly in the classroom and often against their own will, and even the express written will of the parents. Each "campaign" for several years now turns to Russia dozens of child deaths and tens of thousands of cases. In the future, to predict the consequences of such an attack by the immune system of the nation — is complicated. — Or rather frightening guess.

And to finish it is necessary that after the abolition of school uniform and began five years ago nespadayuschego shaft "chertobesiya" (otherwise you will not tell) about the clever gamers and iPhones school has also become a hotbed of jealousy and hatred of the poor to the rich, rich to poor scorn — and directly connected this antagonism child suicides. And beating with robberies, and even murders.

3. The school became the place of the total control over the personal lives of families

All located in the least 'in the know' people of the story of a school psychologist, a neat "collecting material", about innovation, "student portfolio", which aims to identify where the child sleeps, spends the summer, "what kind of atmosphere in the family", the frequent cases denunciations of school employees to the guardianship over the hypothetical "beating" and "improper parenting" … The school firmly fused with the juvenile authorities (they do not call it, but in fact, they are in Russia and successfully) working to destroy the family, "according to the Western model, "and sometimes implicated in the more terrible things — like black transplant or forced weaning children from their parents for the purpose of adoption in the" rich "(often foreign) hands.

In words, this control is intended to "care for the child." In fact, the damned "care" every day a tragedy.

Interesting situation, by the way, there was not so long ago. Maybe many people have seen about half a year ago on the TV front story on how returning to Russia from Bolivia several dozen families conservatives — hard-working, solid, positive people with large families. But this pompous, happy story is the continuation, not media coverage.

Old Believers are going to go back.

The first wine here, of course, lies with the officials. They rained down on people who are accustomed to in their subsistence farming and patriarchal way of life, the tree of requests for permits, certificates and other requirements no one desired delirium breeders official, in fact, true to its nahlebnichestvo. But — alas! Schools noted a little less violently. It started with the fact that conservatives, slowly become acquainted with the moral atmosphere in the local schools, reported that the children they will not give back — fear for their morality (for Old Believer is not a word). After that, the settlers attacked on all sides, teachers' detozaschitniki. "

Children do not learn! (Learn to, and where it is allowed by the legislation of the Russian Federation, at home — and compared to other local children stand out strikingly lively mind).

Unvaccinated children! (And unlike the grafted peer-place do not go from October to April, sorry snot to the navel) Children do not go to the contact! (I mean — talk about their parents, and only modestly and respectfully refuse to answer questions about their families).

When the school, angry that you can not get new money, the question was raised about the mass termination of parental rights — stolidly conservatives said they go back.

4. The school became part of the political system of power

Remember the case before the election, when a student of one of the Siberian school painted posted in the school lobby, portraits of leaders of the ruling party? Man tried to bring to trial and all piled on him avalanche of slander and insults. And he, by the way, and mentioned during interrogations, and VKontakte page: after school — not a place for propaganda, modern politicians — not historical figures, so why hang portraits?

And how many of noise — no, hysterical screaming in both the House of riotous with a shortage of haloperidol! — When students are buying notebooks released with portraits Generalissimo Victory — Stalin?

And what pressure are children who are in clear hammered — devoting this entire training course! — About the "crimes of the Soviet Government", "Solzhenitsyn's genius," "tolerance" and "multicultural society"? Suffer and teachers — many people still do not want to lie to his disciples leave their jobs or are fired … But the most difficult thing — to children, especially children, to think. For them, trying to think very often end in severe conflict with the teacher, then — with the school administration, and even higher levels of power.

One may ask: but is under the Soviet regime or with the kings in schools is carried out the same? Like, school has always and everywhere been a place of indoctrination of the masses!

In response, I can only agree. And ask: under what authority in our schools teach children to despise their homeland, to hate their parents, mock history middle name? At what power injected into the walls of an informal school, but a strict ban on the word "Russian"? At what — forced children to learn Russian "regional languages" at the expense of Great-Russian? At what — "the Holocaust" diverted 48 hours per year, and the Great Patriotic War — 9?

So it is different — indoctrination. Is very necessary — when the children are taught that "Russia — is the universe" or "we are not slaves!" And sometimes occupation. See the example above.

A. … I almost forgot. Happy holiday to you. Knowledge Day!

Oleg Vereshchagin

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