Dead dolphins found again on the coast of Peru

 On the northern coast of Peru once again found numerous remains of dolphins and other representatives of the ocean fauna, said on Thursday the Mexican media.

According to the Institute of the sea of Peru, we are talking about at least 12 dolphins, 35 killer whales and 12 pelicans, whose cause of death has not yet been established.

A year ago, also on the northern coast of the country have been found about 900 dead dolphins, which caused the death, according to scientists, could be the impact of the acoustic equipment used for oil exploration nearby. In addition to dolphins in the same area killed about 1.5 thousand pelicans.

Many of the animals found dead a long time now, as evidenced by the state of their carcasses, some are skeletal. Specialists note that in places detection oceanic fauna died representatives beaches structure is such as to a small depth and strong waves throw their carcasses on the beach long after death.

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