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It is no secret that in some countries there is a secret organization — "death squads" made up of the best special forces. They extrajudicial killing criminals, not waiting to shake the formal justice system. It is possible that these undercover units exist in Russia ….

101-km in Brazilian

Death squads in El Salvador

For a long time, States do not require any secret punitive organs, for it is officially rulers could crack down on unwanted, without any trial. Suffice it to recall, for example, Russian guardsmen.

But with the development of the legal system is clearly murder was possible. Then, emerging secret "death squads." Naturally, any link between the state and these organizations denied all initiates.
Like, can the Government to encourage and fund the activities of such special services.
However, over time the secrets of the past are revealed. For example, now well known for the activities of such services in Latin America in the 1980s. last century.
The local death squads "cleared" of the country not only from drug traffickers and pimps, but also on the homeless and the poor. Here is what the famous Russian scientist Sergey Kara-Murza in his book "The Lost Mind":

"In 1980, when Brazil established a sort of" social peace ", death squads have moved there from the beating of students and trade unionists to" social cleansing. " They demand "committees of residents" from decent neighborhoods have to shoot street boys. When I was in Brazil, Sao Paulo newspaper was humdrum note: arrested a group of five informal groups (during business hours, they were gendarmes), who in a short time, shot 24 adolescents. came by accident — did not finish last. "

However, the main victims of these special services were and are not homeless, and major figures from the world of crime. It is the actions of "death squads" to help stop the same Brazil at the end of XX century. criminal lawlessness and rampant crime.

"Holy squad" of Alexander III

In our country, too, had their own "death squads", but they were called differently. For example, a mysterious organization "Holy squad", founded in 1881 after the assassination of Alexander II.
It was created by Sergei Witte to fight terrorists and revolutionaries of Alexander III and members of the imperial family.

Witte wrote: "We need to make this a community of decent people everywhere that whenever the part of anarchists made some attempt or preparation of the assassination of the emperor, would meet the anarchists against the same, ie also treacherously betrayed and killed them be. "
And such a foundation was established, however, is known about her is very small, because all the participants carefully guarded secrets. It is known that most of its members were officers of the Russian army. Among other activities, "vigilantes" revolutionaries discredited in the eyes of public opinion — for example, issued on behalf of the newspaper, which wrote a deliberate lie.

I must say that all those associated with the "Holy warriors" done a fine public career (revealing that many of them started their "off" is in 1881). Among the "conspirators contrary" were the future Minister of Transport and Finance SY Witte, Interior Minister NP Ignatieff, Minister of State MN Ostrovsky, Procurator of the Synod KP Pobedonostsev.
According to some sources, he Stolypin began his brilliant career in the "Holy squad."

NKVD secret shares

Leon Trotsky on his death bed after a meeting with people Sudoplatov

After several years of activity of the "Holy guards" for unknown reasons, stopped, and the revolutionaries fought only officially.

This struggle was not successful, in 1917, reigned in the country and it is a dictatorship of the proletariat with virtually no judicial murder trial. But in the future, even in the harshest days of Stalin, though officially observed formalities trial. At the height of repression, for example, arranged the show trials, in which the "criminals" were recognized in all their evil deeds.
But the secrets of the NKVD long been talk of the town, and there are a huge number of articles, books, films, from which we can learn, as Stalin and his aides tried by mob rule, destroying secret and open enemies.

You can give thousands of examples, but we restrict ourselves to only one witness — the words of Lieutenant General Pavel Sudoplatov Soviet Interior Ministry, the direct organizer and performer of "unofficial" Kills: "Elimination of Leon Trotsky, Konovalca were a continuation of a bloody civil war, but this time outside the USSR, fighting actions against the worst enemies of the Soviet state. Such operations are conceived by the political leadership of the country and carried out under his direct control. "
They say that such actions are carried out, and after Stalin, for example, during Andropov.

"White Arrow" as the dream of justice

All survivors of restructuring, remember the wave of crime to rise in Russia in the late 1980s. In the early 1990's. The number of crimes and the level of outrage peaked. And that's when there were rumors that the country has a secret organization known as the "White Arrow", which consists of the most experienced security officers.

That organization ruthlessly with the world of crime fighting, killing criminals without trial.
Starting in 1993, in the country for several years disappeared without trace or killed many criminal leaders, and these "crimes against criminals" and has not disclosed yet. No one knows who is behind these things loud, but true: after blasts across Russia kills the criminal situation in the country is more or less normal.

I must say that the formal justice could help little in isolation from the society of some crime bosses because formally they were clean before the law and acted through intermediaries or nominees. So the version of the murder of their "death squads" quite logical. But it is impossible to prove whether there was a "White Arrow" in reality or
is it just a legend.
On the other hand, if the action of a secret organization is known to all, it means it is no longer a secret and can no longer perform its functions …

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