Deluge will destroy humanity


Scientists, as if by agreement, continue to frighten the inhabitants of our planet impending catastrophe. At this time in the role of "elements of nature" intended to destroy all mankind made deluge. Spanish hydrologists believe that it can come at the beginning of this century — due to the melting of glaciers notorious. Whether their predictions come true?

Modeling of changes in the Atlantic currents that have occurred in the past, has allowed an international team of scientists to calculate the rate of rise in sea level. Specialists in hydrology believe that within the next century, water can select areas in the largest sea powers. And the blame for the new Flood experts traditionally blamed on the notorious global warming, the occurrence of which — a thing is not proven.

What exactly are we afraid of now? Researchers from the University of Seville believe that with the increase of global warming and enhanced underwater currents in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. However, the answer to the question why this is happening (in theory, should be the opposite, because warming reduces the difference between the temperature at the equator and the poles, which is what creates global ocean currents like the Gulf Stream), they are not able to.

Optional re-allocation of water that occurs because of these phenomena, according to hydrologists, accelerates the pace of the sea. This statement seems very doubtful, because it violates the law of conservation of mass — it can not create the same amount of effort for an additional amount of water out of nothing. However, as predicted by Spanish specialists that is exactly what will happen in the middle of the XXI century, and as a result much of Iceland, almost the entire northern Scotland, and many of the island will be under water. Floods threaten as Denmark and the Netherlands.

In addition, the authors of this forecast are convinced that the melting of Arctic glaciers will lead to a cooling of the Gulf Stream. As it is attributed to global warming, which should cause an increase in water temperature in the tropics, where the Gulf Stream and begins its journey to the north, is also not entirely clear. In addition, it appears that the world will take place in parallel two incompatible process — the simultaneous rise in temperature, rastoplyayuschee glaciers, and its fall, freezing the Gulf Stream, which in reality can not be.

But back to the regular climate "horror story" that composed the Spanish hydrologists. Thus, the cooling temperature balance disrupt the Gulf Stream in the northern latitudes. On the remaining territories of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and, in part, Canadian man can not live. A southern glaciers melting threatens virtually all island nations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as Australia and South America.

So, what is going to scare us authors of the idea of a "new world flood"? The fact that the planet at the same time come global warming and a new ice age? But this idea, because of its full absurdity, not even able to scare schoolboy. Perhaps, the researchers had in mind something quite different.

Apparently, they proposed the following scheme of the disaster. First, global warming will cause massive melting of glaciers through which sea levels will rise and some temporarily inhabited areas will be flooded. Significant weight cold water formed during this stop will cause the Gulf Stream, resulting in the northern hemisphere becomes more frost climate. In this case, stop the melting of glaciers and the water that caused the Flood, again freeze.

Sea levels will fall again, flooded land again blown out of the water, but due to the fact that they will turn into the "realm of eternal cold," live on them will be impossible. Such a hypothesis seems the most logical, as in this presentation of it at least does not contradict itself.

But is it really? Probably not, and here's why. Even if the present, such that all the glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic suddenly in a short time to melt, the "liberated" the water is not necessarily all merge into the ocean. The increase in the average temperature of the planet's atmosphere also leads to increased evaporation of water. As a result of the formation of new rain air masses do not always give vent to their moisture on the seas. Much of the rain and have to land.

These rains could successfully "absorb" the territory of the vast deserts such as the Sahara, the Gobi, the Kara Kum and Kyzyl Kum. The released water forms new rivers and lakes in their territory. Of course, in the end it will still be in the ocean, but the process will be very long and will not cause an instant change of level (do not forget the fact that the evaporation of sea water in the tropics will continue).

In addition, the efforts of precipitation at the poles, taking place exclusively in the form of snow to cause the formation of new glaciers. The fact that summer in the polar regions of the Earth is short and not very hot, so all the winter snow had fallen just do not have time to melt. Accumulating it under its own weight turns into firn (intermediate state between snow and ice, something like a snowdrift spring packed snow), which re-formed after the glacier.

So it turns out that our planet is actually able to regulate itself sea level. Perhaps, the process described above will be a long time, hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, and during these regulations may be the onset of the sea on land (transgression), but they are unlikely to be so abrupt and catastrophic. In addition, it should be remembered that for any transgressions some areas are flooded, while others, on the contrary, "rebel" out of the water (conservation laws, and are still operating).

As for the "stop" the Gulf Stream, according to research local paleo-climatologists, made back in the twentieth century, it should not lead to global cooling polar regions, on the contrary, to their warming. After all, what is the source of the raw material from which arise the polar ice caps? That's right, the mass of precipitation in the form of snow, which is what brings the warm current. If the Gulf Stream is not properly deliver snow to the north, the glaciers will not be able to recover and, ultimately, will begin to melt. The same will happen then it was described above.

In the southern hemisphere, and the situation in Antarctica, everything is even more interesting. The mass of water formed due to the melting of glaciers there the, most of them will not be able to move away from the continent, they simply will not let the cold winds over the Western, "encircling" ice continent in the 40's southern latitudes. The accumulation of the same cold water around Antarctica will cause a local lowering of the temperature and the formation of new ice packs. So the Australians, New Zealanders and citizens of Oceania in general can sleep peacefully.

As you can see, the prediction made by the Spanish hydrologists, is unlikely to come true. Rather, the authors themselves know this. Probably, the present model was just a way to scare taxpayers and thereby to extort from the budgets of the various states more money for research, pursuing very different goals.

Unfortunately, such a way to seek additional grants recently become very unhealthy popularity because anyone willing to pay as much as necessary for something to be rescued from disaster. Here scientists and accepted compose absurd horror stories like global warming, the great solar storm or flood. And if the disaster did not happen (which is always the case), then do not report the amount spent, as any prediction ever guarantee one hundred percent probability that it will come true.

All of these "apocalypse" already so tired that one is tempted to offer the governments of all countries to use the technique of the ancient Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang Di. He always generously paid for the prediction of visionaries, but if it does not come to pass, executed not only the "prophets", but also their families. Perhaps this is why scholars of the time, and did not predict any accidents …

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