Dogon tribe, messengers from Sirius, lives … in Africa!

This tribe Dogon population of about 200,000 people living in isolation and on the plateau of Bandiagara in the territory of Mali in West Africa. By tribe are interested not only anthropologists, but astronomers.

Why? Mud houses, dances on stilts planted millet fields, burial caves — the most primitive culture. In the 1930's, the French anthropologist Marcel Griaule long lived among the Dogon, studied the life, legends and even recorded the decision of the council of elders was allowed to be on the mysteries of the title of priest. Griaule published a series of articles in journals on African studies after the end of World War II. And they became a sensation. Which of astronomers interested in ethnography? Incredible combination. But that's completely random articles Griaule fell into the hands of English astronomer Mc Gree …

The second star of Sirius — Sirius B — was opened in 1862, its unusually high density was determined shortly before the outbreak of World War II, allowing the star referred to the category of "white dwarf." Spiral nebulae sketched Russia in the mid XIX century. Hubble in 1924, proved that they are composed of stars. The rotation of our galaxy proved in 1927, and its spiral shape — in 1950.

What is an enumeration? It turns out that in the archaic mythology Dogon it has long been known! It is known to the people, all science is limited to the manufacture of ritual masks. Dogon rituals tied to the 50-year orbital period of Sirius B around Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Sirius satellite detect, identify its color, calculate the period of treatment and density without astronomical instruments, impossible. Even the moons of Jupiter, which are known Dogon, the eye can not see. There is only one way out — borrowing from other cultures. Dogon could get information about the structure of the universe in ancient Egyptian priests, especially as the tribe moved to West Africa just something 5? 6 centuries ago.

But the ancient Egyptians did not have known about the explosion of Sirius B in the II century AD — their civilization died much earlier. And the Dogon this explosion is one of the central points of mythology. Representations about the existence of the universe of superdense matter, "white dwarfs" generally refer to the latest ideas.

Medieval Arab culture? Canadian Ovenden hypothesized contact with Muslim university in Timbuktu, where he kept the knowledge of the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks. But this is a red herring — the scientists of antiquity were not as deep knowledge of astronomy. Finally, it can not be excluded from the draw of Marcel Griaule. But, first, this scientist impeccable reputation. And second, he was guided by the principle of "to describe and only to describe." Astronomers noticed his work over many years, for any prankster would have been unbearable. There is one more possibility. Not even an opportunity, and direct explanation arising from the Dogon mythology. All their knowledge, according to their legends, the people have received from God, who came down from the third star Sirius. He was in the ark, the ark was rotating. And the rotation is maintained "breathing" through the nozzle. On landing, Ark raised a cloud of dust. There is also drawing a line connecting the system of Sirius and the Sun. But the existence of a third star in the Sirius system to modern science is not known. While supporters of Sirius C among astronomers are available.

The famous American physicist Carl Sagan said that the proof of your visit to our planet by aliens from outer space may be either undisputed "artifacts," or the existence of the myths "clear message about the astronomical reality that primitive people could not find out by yourself." The hypothesis that the archaic, but astronomically advanced Dogon mythology is proof paleovizita aliens, was formulated by the American scientist Robert Temple in 1975. Since then, around this hypothesis is no ongoing debate. Of all the stories associated with the aliens, lack of professionalism which is visible a mile away from the Dogon mythology can not be wished away. But at the end closest to the dispute can not count. "White Dwarf", spiral star system and the Milky Way, Sirius B rotation around its axis — these facts can not be seen in the most powerful telescope, they are the result of reflection of what astronomers observe and suggest a high level of culture. It turns out that there is no escaping the hypothesis paleovizite? Came to Earth from the planet's inhabitants of Sirius, told earthlings about the house, and along the way gave an overview of the universe. Sagan criterion fulfills this idyll. But they do not want to believe in aliens! And opponents managed to find in this version vulnerability.

Dogon astronomical knowledge is not enough to look perfect for potential aliens. Could not get through the universe aliens consider Sirius in the smallest and most difficult star, for sure would know how we know it today, the existence of much smaller and heavy stars. And why, he wondered, cosmic teachers reported only four satellites of Jupiter, because they had accumulated for 16, and this is not the final number? However, no guarantee that the aliens are able to consider more than five … So Dogon astronomy closer to that though quite developed, but yesterday's Earth astronomy. Is this not the lies the clue? So there was a hypothesis about an anonymous "missionary." In the 1920s, the tribe showed up missionaries from Catholic brotherhood "White Fathers." And a well-read cleric could pay attention to the fact that Aboriginal mythology attaches great importance to Sirius. To establish contacts with the tribe decided to enrich missionary Dogon representation of the divine luminary.

In the West, just as the 1920s, Sirius has been the subject of numerous publications. By the time the set was monstrous density of its satellites and science concluded that the existence of a new type of star — the "white dwarf." "The smallest and heaviest star" — this feature is Sirius B corresponds to the astronomical knowledge in the 1920s. The missionary told the Dogon faithfully all that I had read about Sirius B. The priests included invaluable information to the mythology, and the French ethnographers perceived borrowed astronomical knowledge is like an organic part of it.

Convincing. But why educated missionary told inquisitive Dogon only four satellites of Jupiter, because then counted for 9 satellites? And more surprising dogonskoy astronomy inherent distinct chronological layering. First layer: representations characteristic of archaic culture, when a man knows only about the planets visible to the naked eye — are neither missionaries nor the aliens are not needed. The second layer — knowledge, such as the moons of Jupiter — corresponds to the astronomical ideas of Galileo era. Finally, knowledge of the system or Sirius spiral structure of the galaxy corresponds to the level of science of the first half of XX century. Maybe Dogon possessed, more than any other nation, astronomical mania commit questioning everyone who turned out to be their guest? Is not there a tension? Ethnographers do not see the Dogon legends "white threads" and urgent adjustment of new borrowings under the old myths. Every astronomical fact the Dogon tied to certain rituals that can be traced to at least relics XII century! German scientist Hermann Dieter calls situation dogonskimi knowledge of space "hopeless case": definitely refute or confirm any version is impossible, but for respectable scientists still decently stick version of the missionary. Resolve the dispute could new astronomical discoveries.

Now, if Sirius was discovered the third star. Or if the vicinity of Sirius were found traces scattered nebula that remains after the explosion of Sirius B, which so earnestly believe Dogon …

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