Downpours and floods in Birmingham, Alabama

Multiple precipitation across the state of Alabama, were caused by Tropical Storm Lee. Projected rainfall should decrease in the near future, but the streets remain flooded.

Birmingham International Airport reached 6.69 inches of water, before this record was 2.1 inches, it has been installed on the same day in 1949, according to the National Weather Service.

As a result of flooding in the school auditorium collapsed Pinson, now in the building of the water level reaches five feet, spokesman for Calhoun. Since it was night, the school no one was hurt. In addition, from Tuesday in all Jefferson County schools canceled classes.

Despite the fact that the rain should diminish, meteorological urge people not to go out in the near future, as all the drains flooded, said weather service representative Jessica Talley.

In the fire department received numerous reports of flooded roads and the people who are stuck in their cars.

As of 11 pm, there were 21,300 power outages in the state, besides 162,000 in the Birmingham area.

But there is good news: on Tuesday is expected sunshine and it is possible that some of the roads will be cleared from the water.

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