Druids: Secret Order

Now there are increasing book about secret societies that have supposedly some great doctrine of the mysterious power of trees, psychics and clairvoyants. These publications are very popular, because of knowledge, they report, in the opinion of many people, are able to protect them from harm and adversity.

At the same time, few people know that these same secrets to help people in the XXI. want to build their lives, have led many centuries ago in the death of a whole people. Moreover, these mysteries left by the Druids, rampaged for centuries. But this story is almost unknown wide range of people, and thus the prince of darkness of this world again successfully uses the basic tenets of this ancient religion in the struggle for the minds.

Secret orders

At the heart of the cult of the ancient Celts lay priestly system of the device — the Druids. One of the earliest descriptions was made by Julius Caesar: "Druids take an active part in the affairs of worship, observe the correct public offerings, interpret all matters pertaining to religion, and to them also received a lot of young people to study science, and in general they are in large galls honor. They put sentences almost all mortal affairs, public and private, the offense was committed, or murder, whether inheritance case or borders — deal with the same druids, and they shall appoint rewards and punishments, and if someone — whether it is a private person or a whole people — not submit to their definition, they are weaned from the perpetrator sacrifices. That they have the worst punishment.

At the head of the Druids is one that enjoys the greatest authority among them. By his death he inherits the most worthy, and if there are several, Druids ended the matter by voting, and sometimes a dispute about the primacy allowed even weapons. At certain times of the year the druids meet at the holy place in the country karnutov, which is considered the center of all Gaul. Here from everywhere converge litigants and subject to their definitions and sentences. Druids are usually not involved in the war and not paying taxes on a par with others, they generally are free from military service and from all other duties. Most druids seek to strengthen the belief in the immortality of the soul: the soul, according to their teaching, passes on the death of one body to another, and they think that faith removes the fear of death and the exciting courage. In addition, they talk a lot to the young students about heavenly bodies and their motion, the magnitude of the world and the earth, nature and the power and authority of the immortal gods. "

Another description of the Druids left Roman scholar Pliny the Elder: "For the Druids, for that is called galls his priests, there is nothing more sacred than the mistletoe and the tree on which it grows, in other words, oak. Their reverence to the tree comes to the fact that they hold their sanctuary except as in the oak groves, and during magical rituals tend to hold in hand a branch of the tree. On behalf of the oak they and the names of their priests. They believe that everything that grows on the tree, sent down from heaven, and that is a sign of goodwill to the oak of the supreme being. Such finds are rare, but when it happens to see something like that, they are happy to point out the plants and then ceremoniously cut shoots. This usually occurs on the sixth day of the moon, because it is thought that the moon controls the months and the passage of time at all, having your special cycle that lasts thirty years. The sixth day, they find the most favorable for a religious ceremony, as it was on this day the moon already gained its strength, but has not yet reached its path. In these sacred trees priests brought terrible sacrifice. Accident hung on a tree, and then slowly burned. Other priests drowned in special boilers or buried alive in the ground, impaled. But before that they were subjected to terrible torture victims. Even the violent and "iron" as they were called, the Romans were amazed cruelty Druids.

But not less than impressed the Romans and the enormous power of the priests, which was mentioned above. She was supported by a clear organization and the abilities that they possessed. Chief among them were hypnosis hilerstvo, occultism and clairvoyance. We have heard the historical evidence, illustrating these abilities possessed by the higher circles Druid Clan. It is also interesting that the circumstances preceding and accompanying sentence predictions are surprising similarities with shamans, charismatic glossolalia and modern satanic cults. Scattered over large areas, the priests recognized each other by secret signs. They have developed a large number of instructions for the evocation of spirits, healing, in which they did not write anything, but memorized by heart hundreds of thousands of words.

To sum up our brief essay. Druids were the spiritual order with strict discipline and hierarchy responding actively influence not only the spiritual, but also in the political life of the society, secretly controlling issues and soldiers, supplying and nizlagaya rulers. But they carried it secretly, using hidden springs, known only to them. As you can see, they are remarkably similar to the hierarchy of the organization Jesuits and the Masons, and the orders of chivalry of the Middle Ages — the Templars, Teutons, Livonians, Assassins. This is not surprising, for creating these societies, invisible to humans, the dark forces used the experience of the ancient Druids. Assassinations, treachery, wage war, and hideous orgies of blood flow was accompanied by the creation of these organizations and orders.

All this was done for the sake of dominion over the world, and most importantly — the minds of people. Indeed, all these organizations at various stages of history are presented solely for the task — the subordination of the world. It was based on submission to the will of the people to the will of the Druids (Jesuits, Freemasons, etc.). As you can see, the same idea put forward by Satan at the dawn of human history, — own mind and will of man, whereby the present is not difficult to remove him from God. The members of these orders were like robots, devoid of feelings, emotions, family, friends, earthly attachments. However, the idea of druids have found their new birth in the XIX-XX centuries. with the emergence of the religious-fanatical sects Aune-Sep Rica, the White Brotherhood, the moon, etc. These sects belonged to the "Temple of the people" led by Jim Jones in Guyana with the center. In 1978, on the orders of the spiritual leader of 900 people taking potassium cyanide, killing named Jones on the lips (these religious sects see part of the "For false Christs and false prophets" of this book.) Today, these organizations lure people, especially the unsuspecting youth. And therefore it is very important to know the Bible, carefully read the Book of Books, not to make fatal mistakes. Today, still live and many aspects of the teachings of Celtic priests of the immortal soul, of tree worship.

Today is a very popular literature, which refers to the tree-protectors, which allegedly have each person, of the energy that they currently pose, able to restore the lost power of people. Speaking about the Druids, of course, necessary to mention erected their most impressive buildings such as Stonehenge and Avebury. These buildings, erected in the 3rd millennium BC., Is a large ring of huge hewn stones, covered with stone slabs on top. Inside this ring was another facility — horseshoe-shaped, consisting of trilitis. Were there and amazing blue stones, never met in those parts. On the appointment of these buildings today there is no single point of view. Most likely, they were temples of the Sun and Moon, combining and astrology centers.
Centuries passed, passed into oblivion the ancient Druids, destroyed their temples, but as we have seen, their religion and philosophy continue to live today by the Jesuits, the Freemasons, the sects, which we mentioned in the books of the wanderings of the soul and the mysterious energies. Many today condemned the inhumanity of druids, contrasting their bleak philosophy supposedly highly humane and sublime philosophy of ancient Greece

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