Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a brick wall, protects the Sphinx


Natalia Popova

CAIRO, Nov. 2 — RIA Novosti, Nadim Zuaui. Egyptian archaeologists discovered during excavations at the Giza plateau fragments of brick wall that protected the ancient Sphinx from wind, said Tuesday the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt.

"Preliminary investigations by the archaeological mission at the site showed that a continuation of the wall, which is located to the north of the monument," — said the head of the Board of Zahi Hawass.
Previously, archaeologists believed that the extant wall, built by Thutmose IV (1400-1390 BCE), the Sphinx defended only on the north side. However, thanks to this discovery, it became clear that the site was also protected from the eastern and southern sides.

The length of the identified sections of the wall is 86 and 46 meters.

According to Egyptian legend, the wall, protect the Sphinx, Thutmose IV built while still a prince. After a heavy hunting, he sat down to rest in the shade of the huge statues and fell asleep. In the dream, he was himself the Sphinx, who asked to dig his body out of the sand, which is a "suffocating him." In return, he promised the boy king's throne. Thutmose fulfilled the request of the Sphinx and built a protective wall around it. Sphinx also fulfilled his promise.

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