Egyptian sun god — Ra

RA (Re) in ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun god, worshiped as the king and father of the gods. Identified with the god Amun. Depicted in the form of the pharaoh.

The eyes of the god Ra was one of the most influential characters in the art of ancient Egypt. They appear on the sarcophagi, the sides of boats, steles, clothing, and amulets. Eyes of Ra lived a strange, independent of the main body's life.

It was believed, for example, Urey (divine serpent), decorating the bridge of the Pharaoh as the "right of burning Eye of Ra", is able to dispel the opponents. Left Eye of the same, which later Egyptian tradition attributes to Gore, the falcon-god, son of Isis, get it in the inheritance, called the Eye of Healing and was associated with the art of healing. The origins of such beliefs are hidden deep in the mind-blowing millennia.

Available to us on the surface — a variety of translations of ancient Egyptian texts, myths and legends, the Eye, one of the main characters, then as the item to be transferred, then as an independent hero "gets up" completely unthinkable for an eye thing, to do with miracles.

Get at least the myth of punishment. According to him, Ra first created the "first earth" that is different from our world, and that settled it by the gods and the people peacefully rules it. But while trying not only to the people. Feeling that forces leave their god, the people of the universe conspired against him. However, Ra, who had divine insight, opened it and set out to punish the rebels.

He gathered all the gods and said to them: "Listen, my gods! Did you know that the people who created out of my eyes, conspired against me evil deeds?" After discussion with the other gods Ra "threw his divine eye as the daughter of the goddess Hathor-Sekhmet" in troublemakers.

As fierce Sekhmet to punish them — the theme is another legend. We also note and remember this strange effect of Ra — "Eye tossed in a daughter …" and ask a legitimate question, what kind of people created out of the eye of Ra?

Another time, he gave his own Ra Right Eye in the form of Urey goddess of joy and fun Basti, so that she protected him from the evil serpent Apophis, the main enemy of Ra.

And once a favorite Eye of Ra, which was identified in the next myth goddess Tefnut (who had two more names, depending on the Hypostasis of manifestation — Hathor and Sekhmet), offended at God — Tefnut left his father and went to the desert, where the image of a lion wandered into alone. Ra really missed her because he needed her in defense of his many enemies, the myth. But that's not all.

Lose of eyes meant being vulnerable, defenseless and weak. that's why the myth of Osiris (god of the productive forces of nature, the king of the underworld) villain Seth (the god of the desert, the personification of evil) does not kill the sleeping nephew Horus, son of Osiris, and the tears in his eyes. It is this subtle goddess Isis, wife of Osiris, soliciting the secret name of Ra, Horus whispered: "Now give it to me own eyes."

Do not wonderful? It creates from the Eye of Ra people, eye offended away from him, then throws it in Ra violators divine Code, even as his own daughter-goddess, they delivered as a tool (or tools) protection. A divine eye at times be as an independent person, not only execute the instructions of the owner, but also has his own opinion.

All these manipulations with the Eye does not fit into our understanding of the eyes, even if it belongs to God. The traditional interpretation of the rules as the Eye of the Sun, as well as the Left Eye of the Moon for just one slice of the mythological. The meaning of the identification of the Eye of Ra protecting his daughter-goddess Hathor, Sekhmet (another myth — Tefnut) or view it a tool of protection remains unclear.

To search for clues we turn to the sky, from the gods were. And here we see involuntarily drawn to Sirius. At the time, puzzled Egyptologists question why scientific methods of the ancient Egyptians, their methods of art, agriculture, as well as hieroglyphic writing system is practically devoid of any signs of progress and improvement? And what's more — the ancient dynasty, the higher the achievement! The later generations of Egyptians gradually lost the knowledge gradually equated to the level of ordinary human tribes and nations, Egypt has not yet finally fell to the armies of Alexander the Great, then turned into a Roman province and the main granaries of Rome … The conclusion suggests itself that the Egyptian civilization arose not because of development, and is a legacy received from other hands.

Every aspect of Egyptian culture, thoroughly imbued with an unusual interest in Sirius and the constellation of Orion, is fully completed at the moment of its inception.

With double star Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris), play a central role dofaraonskom Egypt in relation to the sun in our solar system, correlated whole life, and earth, and the afterlife.

The annual flooding of the Nile was associated with climbing geliakticheskim Sirius (in the light of dawn, just before sunrise). "The rise of the Great God" Osiris — the constellation of Osiris (Orion) and the appearance on the horizon tail after him his wife Isis-Sothis (Sirius), which took place in the Julian kalendryu in mid-July, marked the beginning of a new year and served as the basis of complex calendar calculations.

The central idea of the Egyptian theology was the idea that the living Pharaoh is the embodiment of Horus, the first divine predecessor imperial authority of Egypt, the son of Osiris (Orion) and Isis (Sirius).

After the death of Pharaoh, his soul, becoming a star, joined the Osiris (Orion), lord of the heavenly Duat (the dead).

The appearance on the horizon of Orion and Sirius geliakticheskoe climb to the top is a sign of the transformation of the soul of the deceased pharaoh. And the ritual rebirth of the deceased pharaoh (funeral ceremony) takes place in parallel with the ritual of coronation of his successor, the new astral son Horus.

Analog heavenly Duat, comprising the constellation of Orion, Canis Major and the Hyades, the ancient Egyptians created on Earth — projections of stars of these constellations are the pyramids. Enters the earth is Duat region of Giza.

Moreover, the location and orientation relative to the Pyramids of Giza Nile with remarkable accuracy to the position of stars in Orion, the center of the heavenly Duat, on the western "shore" of the Milky Way (the celestial Nile). And this is not a crazy hypothesis, but a fact confirmed by meticulous research scientists.

As for the people who created Ra "from his own eyes," it is still the main mystery of mankind, its main difference from the animal kingdom is not so much the ability to create tools, but the ability to think and analyze. If our world of mystery sometimes called the "dream of God", why its inhabitants not to be thought forms. Perhaps it is not so unfair, in any case, he is hinting at Ra.

Gods-Atlanta could not be direct precursors of the human race, as applicable (as on a transparent hints in Plato "Timaeus" and "Critias") to the class of amphibious creatures ("children of Poseidon"). Odaka give primitive herd pragorill ability to think and understand the world around them was quite podsilu and God, and its symbiotic organ — Oka.

If we accept this concept, there is an explanation, and the existence of the Garden of Eden — Eden (where else could be the first experiments on the carriers of the future civilization), and the interpersonal theory of a single proto-language, split after a daring man swindles the Tower of Babel, and the almost simultaneous attack on the planet Bronze Age …

Man has become a kind of dead naslednekom pratsivilizatsii, he accepted the inheritance (in the form of ancient knowledge) with the agreement and the direct expression of the will of previous owners of the Earth, but, alas, could not keep myself in that knowledge.

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