Emergency leave Crimea without cherries and apricots?

According crimea.kp.ua, hail stone broke and damaged trees formed fruits

Many troubles caused a storm yesterday on the Crimean peninsula. Most affected Simferopol. Here there is hail the size of a walnut or a quail egg. Until now, the road littered with battered leaves. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" decided to find out how this will affect the yield of stone.

— Fortunately, the precipitation had localized and unlikely to affect the yield, — the "KP" Head of the Crimean State Horticulture Agrouniversity Vladimir Kopylov. — It all began a stone. Hail did not destroy the ovary, but hurt them. Now the wounds and scars will remain up to the ripening fruit. That is cherry or apricots may be defective, spots, bulges.

According to Vladimir Ivanovich, summer always starts to rain in the Crimea and in June are expected thunderstorms.

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