European human rights of political prisoners: We are together!

Nine European human rights organizations, including the Swedish initiative Östgruppen and the German Association for Human Rights in Belarus headed by Hans-Georg Wieck, appealed to European governments and the community to morally and politically support the democracy movement in Belarus and to adequately respond to the actions of the Belarusian regime 19 and 20 December.

"We express our full solidarity with all the people and organizations in Belarus who are suffering because of the tyranny of the last dictatorship in Europe — note in their petition defenders. — This Christmas and New Year holidays, we will think of all Belarusian political prisoners and their families. For all those who belong to the Belarusian Civil Society we can only say we remember you, do not give up, we are with you, we will stand by you. "

European human rights require Belarusian authorities "Immediately release all political prisoners in Belarus "," stop the persecution and intimidation of political opponents. "

Nine human rights organizations call on the governments of all the EU Member States:

Stand up for Human Rights in Belarus.

Immediately impose a ban on travel to the EU high officials of the Belarusian officials including the president Lukashenko.

Support of all the people in Belarus who are fighting for democracy, freedom and human rights.

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