Europeans ate more people than savages

Nightmare treated human flesh advised even the famous Paracelsus

A little more than two hundred years ago — before the end of XVIII century — European doctors used a vengeance and human flesh, and preparations of the corpses. With so obscure historical Western enlightenment of society introduces the latest issue of the German weekly Der Spiegel.

That's just one of the recipes German pharmacologist Johann Schroeder. It is not clear what, but in the XVII century it was prescribed, "Human meat should be cut into small pieces, add a little bit of myrrh and aloes, a few days soak in wine alcohol and then provyalit in a dry place."

If we believe the medical historian Richard Carr of the University of Durham (UK), in the XVI-XVIII centuries, these "drugs" European physicians used as often as herbs, roots and bark.

— Body parts and blood were essential items which were available in every pharmacy, — the scientist. — The most diligent cannibals were not residents of the New World, and the Europeans.

Medical cannibalism — a long tradition. The ancient Romans used the blood of gladiators as a remedy for epilepsy. During the Renaissance, the infirm were actively using the powder of Egyptian mummies. In the hammer as they — the mummy — were considered almost "the elixir of life."

Specifically the skull were used to stop bleeding. Fat — allegedly helped with rheumatism and arthritis. And if the person did not die a natural death, it was believed that by eating his flesh, you can not get yourself to them survival.

In Europe, three centuries ago, were on drugs remains of executed criminals, corpses beggars. Even lepers. The most famous advocate of this treatment was the famous Paracelsus.

By the way, today's Tibet drink tea with milk, adding a cup of fat deceased relative. But not treated. And in a sign of respect. Nepal is such a custom. When, in 1492, Pope Innocent VIII was on his deathbed, his doctors drained the blood of three boys, and gave it to him to drink, according to the magazine, Richard Carr. According to him, the boys died. Dad, too. This cannibalism, no doubt a scientist.

Medicinal cannibalism took a medical study in Europe until the end of XVIII century. But remained one of the last recipes that left dead in 1754, the British preacher John Keof. Dizziness when he recommended that the human heart pounded "a pinch in the morning on an empty stomach."

Thank God, now, even in Europe, dizziness cure pills.

Vladimir Lagowski

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