Every fifth sin in the army — corruption

Every fifth crime in the army - corruption

Military prosecutors beating anxiety. According to them, the corruption in the security ministries, despite the attempts of departmental management, constantly grows.
About the rampant crime of criminal command-and illustrated by statistics that sounded manager GWP Sergei Fridinskiy. According to him, every fifth severe offense in the army is corrupt nature. Only during the winter and spring of the present year, military prosecutors have identified more than 800 of these crimes.

With all of this caught the hand of corrupt officials in uniform has increased by half. People who commit forgery, — 1.4 times. In the power structures as before missing rogues embezzlers and embezzlers of public funds. Army and other agencies almost shaking with conflicts of interest and abuse of official capacity with the greedy purpose. Prosecutors estimated that the damage that military and civilian bureaucrats in 18 months have caused state treasury, headed for nearly 3 billion rubles.

In the army ranks are not enough only young thieves, and thieves "in a big way." The latter, usually occupy a decent position and fines are not exchanged. The highest posts, excellent communications and access to foreign exchange flows to help them create so-called corrupt grayish-finance schemes. As learned in the PRTs, particularly the leaders of this sin, are directly relevant to the use of funds rassredotachivaniyu and defense contracts.

— Affiliations officials ordering enforcement and military missions with commercial organizations, as imperfect legislation on municipal defense order intended to increase more than 1.5 times the number of offenses that badly affected the equipping troops with modern standards of weapons and military equipment — they say in the Main Military Prosecutor's Office.

This happens when a rogue with the ability to find prohindeev with abilities and make them criminal chain of treasury funds flow into personal pockets. To get away for stealing a business partnership, signed contracts with suitable firms and civilians to their accounts, for example, transferred millions for the failing of the hands of the military or work.

Other trough for bureaucratic criminals was the implementation of the released army property and real estate. They can be formally written off, and actually "push to the left." Statements or conduct by one of them the proceeds, and to translate this economy completely other, appropriated for themselves the difference. With these facts in GWP face constantly. And they respectively respond.

Only in 2011-2012, according to Fridinsky, the military and law enforcement agencies have identified a broker to send to jail 129 commanders and managers of military institutions for which corruption has become a source of illegal enrichment. This line has been convicted, including 10 generals.

Another very disturbing sign of the times — the role of government officials in the criminal schemes of the Ministry of Defence civilian structures. Some, for example, warmed his hands on the new currency allowances for military personnel and their homes. Other loosely ordered the funds allocated by the Army programmke outsourcing. For example, prosecutors faced with the facts, when organizations are included in the "Oboronservis", bought all the necessary for the needs of military units apparently inflated prices. The leaders in these structures sit not stupid because they do not believe in the PRT, which means mismanagement was accidental.

According to the views of military law enforcement agencies, such cases including a weak outcome of the audit bodies of law enforcement agencies. In the near future monetary inspection occasionally send materials of their own checks in GWP. The amount of such revenue decreased by 2.5 times. And when there is no exchange of information is more difficult to identify the corrupt. The same applies to check the completeness and accuracy of information on the income and assets of the officials.

Fridinskiy mentioned about corruption in the police stations. The convicted military commissars and doctors fit to open a special prison, and the number of their followers only increases. According to the GWP for 5 months 2012, the growth of corruption crimes in police stations exceeded the like of the past year, more than 2.5 times.

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