Every fifth student going abroad

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The vast majority thinks about emigration.
Only 19% of Russian students do not think about labor migration after graduation. The rest of considering it. 3% of them have already decided on their plans, 17% of looked after options, only 61% are thinking about moving to another country. This is shown by a survey portal Career.ru.

The most popular destination among students is in Europe — 48% would like to move to any European country. Another 7% said Germany, 5% — the UK, 4% — Spain. In the U.S. seeks 15%, and in Canada — 7%. While 28% of students are planning to emigrate permanently, about a quarter is calculated for a period of 2 to 5 years, 15% — from 5 years or more, and 10% intend to leave for a year.

According to students, abroad they will better standard of living (63%), simple employment (38%). One in five draws itself the opportunity to live abroad, 17% — the environment, 14% — the climate.

One in every two students (51%) expects to get a job in another country, specialty, for 30% it does not matter, because their main goal — just to leave Russia. Most students (61%) will still find work at home. Only 10% will look for success in place.

The rest explain his desire to stay in Russia because it does not want to leave family and friends (41%) do not know the language (35%) or simply because of patriotic reasons (34%).

The online survey conducted Career.ru August 28 — September 4, 2012 among 3,620 Russian students.

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