Evidence of the destruction of Atlantis

Terra Incognita — that's what was Atlantis until recently. And nothing but what was said in ancient times, it was not known. Now the situation has begun to change: experts recognized the authenticity of the ancient book on the amazing country of the dawn of civilization. Among them — and Atlantis. And psychics took messages from the noosphere, indirectly confirming the information from this book. It remains to understand it and accept it.

In 1969 in the library of Leeuwarden, the capital of the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, there was an ancient manuscript. Around it soon heated debate. You bet! After the manuscript was reported that the records relate to the time of Atlantis, and they were made obscure author in 3449, after a terrible accident and flooding "Atlan country." But, according to Plato, the ancient philosopher who wrote about Atlantis, the accident occurred a long time ago — in the tenth century BC. It turned out that the ancient book of about eight thousand years old and has for thousands of years older than all known written records of the past. Was there then writing? More recently, the question answered in the negative. While the professor, University of Milan Radivoje Pesic, a Yugoslav-born, not found on the steep banks of the Danube signs letter similar to Etruscan. Explore archaeological finds in the area, it was the world's oldest alphabet of 48 characters.

His work has produced a bombshell. It turns out that the book Friesians really could have been written at the time immemorial! This immediately removes hard representable in the past not only the origins of writing, but also the first round of our civilization.

Even more astounding is the book's message of ocean voyages on ships, trade between continents, about the brave captains who went to Atlantis and back. All this — for millennia before the creation of the most primitive boats.

That's what the book says about the crash:

"Throughout the summer, the sun disappears behind the clouds, as if it did not want to look at the Earth. On Earth was quiet, wet mist, like a wet sail, hanging over homes and nivami. Air was heavy and oppressive, and the people did not know the joy and fun. Then an earthquake, as if foreboding end. Mountains erupted flames — they sometimes sank into the depths, and sometimes grow even higher.

The country that sailors called Atlan, disappeared, and the mad waves so high up over the mountains, that those who escaped from the fire engulfed the sea abyss. Earth is burning, not only in FIND, but in Tvisklande. Forests burned, and when the wind was blowing out, the whole country was covered with ashes. The river changed its course, in their mouth formed new islands of sand and silt. This continued for three years … "

It is difficult to judge which countries other than Atlantis, described in the book. Some believe atlantologists Tviskland Germany. However, the Germans came to Europe from Asia, as written records have survived — and came much later than the time of writing, not to mention the destruction of Atlantis. Perhaps the conclusion is: Germany was then in a different place. But then freezes to be placed in other places. Rather, they came to the territory of present-Holland (the Netherlands) from Phrygia. And was Phrygia in Asia Minor. This is indicated by archaeological finds. And not only them. That's cryptic phrase from the book:

"Many countries have disappeared under the water, in some places, new continents, Tvisklande lost half of the forests, the people FIND settled in uninhabited lands, and local residents were either exterminated or enslaved."

Perhaps the book is informed about the global migration of peoples after the disaster. But the manuscripts remain only fragments. It is possible that the full version of the book, if he ever found, could be called the first home of many nations, including those of the Frisians. Note illogic unknown author. He speaks of the uninhabited lands that settled people FIND, and at the same time — about slavery or the extermination of local residents. You may think that this logical error allowed scribes book, not the author. The fact of the correspondence of the book is beyond doubt.

Strange names found in this monument. Say, Naef-Thun. This flotilla commander. Separated from its fleet of ships captain named Inca. Brave captain led from the western part of the ocean. The sailors had hoped to find there is not flooded mountain country Atlan. They even nurtured a dream to live there. What then could bring them this country? Perhaps his miracles — as not man-made and man-made. Atlantis seems to have been a kind of center of the world. Name-Neef Tuna is reminiscent of the ancient face formidable god of the sea Neptune. Romans honored him by chance. The book makes it clear that Neef-Tung sent his ships in the mean (ie Mediterranean) sea — after the Inca went across the Atlantic to the flooded country. It is safe to assume that the old admiral was deified. And here, in the Mediterranean basin. Other atlantologists say and the deification of the Inca, who could give his name to the founders of the Inca civilization (who came from somewhere in America.)

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