Examples of events in the Kuban region: defense and civilian clothes Weather Service

Country as before in shock that occurred in the Krasnodar region of disaster. All are trying to find those responsible. Catastrophe rapidly enjoyed motley opposition screaming about bureaucratic lawlessness "zazhravsheysya PZhiV" and, of course, about Putin which "should to leave. " Though he had not had a 10 s blown elements of life. Though he had no inordinate human misery that has engulfed the entire town. They do not fundamentally, the main thing that "Putin must go". And do not go away or, better to say, do not go there for you to go to hell, gentlemen?

Examples of events in the Kuban region: civil defense and meteorological

No one has repealed the usual Russian sloppiness, negligence of officials hope the Russian "maybe", and the head has flown and maybe even fly. The country desperately lacks discipline, and that's it. A look at the Japanese. One can only admire their system and how to deal with at least some elements. Military discipline, neotkaznaya warning system for unsafe phenomenon, the highest degree of consciousness of the population. "Teachings for civilian defense" — when was the last time you heard that phrase? With all due deference to the Ministry of Emergency Situations — in disaster relief ministry impartially without equal in the world.

The most serious questions about what happened in the Kuban were asked Roshydromet. But forecasters have already justified and provided detailed report the work done. In short, forecasters insist that the storm warning was given, another thing is to be made to alert the population. "Very heavy rain" (RP — dangerous phenomenon) — The wording used for the transmission of storm warnings, fully accustomed to the Krasnodar Territory. Even on a physical level this formulation warning does not cause terror. And the other day if there was a drought — and the fact more! We are not masters, but imagine that in similar cases (and in Geledzhike dropped a one-year (!) Rainfall for the town such as Omsk) form of storm warning could and should wear more serious, flashy character, providing start immediate evacuation of the population. Much less that the climate of the region is such that these weather events may occur if there is not often, often enough. The inhabitants of Novorossiisk have experienced for themselves a similar catastrophic phenomenon not so long ago. There have been serious human casualties and destruction. History has witnessed the storm, followed by on-site Kuban Cossack villages were only the well wells — water licked all cleaned and carried away huts, cattle, utensils and people in the sea! And it is far more than once in 5000 years! The Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region — is at once gracious and very dangerous place to live. This edge tornadoes, heavy rains and floods — this is the geographical position of the region. In the conditions of the global configuration of climate region has become even more dangerous. It can be fully associated with the U.S. Gulf Coast, where tropical cyclones approaching the evacuation of entire cities, and this is actually the norm for its inhabitants.

Quite obvious that in the regions of similar Krasnodar region, where unsafe weather events occur more often than in other regions of the country, and certainly need to create smoothly running system of forecasting and warning people about unsafe natural phenomena. Evacuation should be indisputable and universal, even if there is at least some possibility of weather events on the damn script. This life, and she have one!

How to control the rhetoric of Hydrometeorology, the level of development of meteorological science to this day, such that ensure the highest accuracy of the predictions can be made only about a day, the forecasts for a longer period of time — a difficult task that requires data collection even more weather stations that Office is not features. Day — well, that's fine too. Catch That is possible, but of course, that organize the evacuation of the population in the absence of notice and pay tribute to the waste plan of evacuation measures unrealistic. It happened in Krymsk — unfortunate people just do not have time to react.

Regions, under similar Krasnodar region, must be practically lined meteopostami points and collecting meteorological parameters. Another thing is that the question is who and what tools will be on their work. Funding agencies, as well as the skill level of its employees, obviously leaves much to be desired, and it recognizes its own manager Roman Vilfand.

Heated Black Sea and its neighboring Caucasus cool highlands make perfect conditions for the formation of local vortices that can pour on the coastal towns and villages of the Krasnodar Territory indescribable amount of water to bring down their tornadoes and hail, causing tremendous harm to the economy and taking away human life. With all this the right conditions for their formation are created in a matter of hours. What there day! This energy is of local nature. It, as fighting dog, you need to tame and true prohibitive to keep under control. Most importantly, the need for such control loyal and competent handler. In this case, the forecaster — a real modern specialist with appliances, truly loves his job, for which he gets decent money, and can be dressed in the uniform and wearing epaulets. Because in his hands as in the hands of firefighters, police, railway workers, pilots and the military, are people's lives, as the issue of unsafe prediction of natural phenomena, not only the elimination of their consequences — is a matter of national security. Maybe Military meteorology should develop their own problems, rather than simply neuvvyazkami weathering test on the conduct of hostilities? In the end, the difference between onslaught of bandits in Budennovsk or the war in South Ossetia from today's flood — and there, and people are getting killed there, and here and there they needed protection and assistance to people in uniform. The tornadoes and floods — is an enemy to fight that need military means.

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