Eyes of Nemesis

In one of his novels, "Miropovorote", I wrote about the planet retribution Nemesis, who looked at mired in stupidity and malice of the earth "the eyes of frozen methane."

Of course, this way, an artistic image.

But the fact that the Earth is going on something unusual and non-standard, it is clear to any more or less observant person. And it is not only and not so simple warming. Much more complicated.

All of this I wrote analyzing the report, Professor and Academician Khain Khalilov.

I will not repeat. I can only say that the report is quite soundly. And if a colleague Khalilov still be wanting in commitment of sci PR and promotional simply, Academician Khain — it is an absolute authority, we can say the living patriarch, one of the founders of the science of Geotectonics. Which by the way I, as a student, was taking an exam on tectonics. And with great difficulty got my top five. So, Hain was an academician, when I was a student. Can you imagine such a well-deserved reputation of the scientist, who would risk this authority, who co-wrote the report questionable.

Actually, why I wrote it. To remind you that the earth, or rather the entire Solar System, comes at a time when the nature is very strong and will change rapidly.

That is, the change is not only, and perhaps not so much the climate (although it will be very dynamic), but Geotectonics (seismicity, volcanism), Geodynamics, Earth's surface, the dynamics of rivers, seas and glaciers.

And the reason for this, of course, not the notorious greenhouse gases and deep processes in the Earth, changes in solar activity and the general environment in space around the solar system.

As they say, why go far. Just recently discovered a previously unknown source of hot water in the Atlantic Ocean.

Is that such sources did not notice before? No, no. Most likely they simply did not exist.

And so it is quite logical. Mid-ocean ridge "stirred". As the first result — a volcanic eruption in Iceland earlier this year (and Iceland is just at this very ridge). And then the power of the beat to "open hole." Forgive me for such a vulgar fellow simplification to the public.

But think only. At the bottom hit sources in 300 degrees. And at the bottom of any temperature below 5 degrees. That is water on the bottom of the "warm" so as hard as any increase in temperature does not warm up the atmosphere. But it springs — this is only the extremes of the amplification processes of heat from the ocean floor.

How to change the course, storms and hurricanes in the ocean, which is now, so to speak, "in the pan?" The question is rhetorical.

Therefore, changes in the environment will go so intensively in the coming years, as it did not happen for thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands of years. Humanity do not remember. And mankind in general and not only today.

So now the whole surface of the earth in power anomalies and disasters. And if in Krasnodar in December blooming lilacs and temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius, in Yakutia hit 60 degrees below zero. Incidentally in Kyzyl, Tuva, on Tuesday will be minus 50. Yes, as there SS HPP doing? Something given she entertained audiences with something entertaining.

Is humanity ready for such a change of environment?

In fact of the matter is that not. Today, almost all Muscovites could not open the doors of the cars. Crust of ice to stand on the street car had a thickness of about 1 cm. Freezing rain.

But it is at the individual level. What city-wide?

To keep things simple, we give a long quote. Source — Eye Planets.
"Moscow highway and sidewalks turned into solid ice rink, and the stairs and does become an insurmountable obstacle. "Freezing rain" in the capital did not stop all the previous night and, as forecasters predict, rainfall will last until Monday. Public utilities for the first time over the last few years have started to re-treat footpaths reagents as gravel and sand from the ice is not saved. In the city dramatically increased the number of accidents.

Covered with a thin crust of ice, like a crystal, the trees could delight Muscovites for their beauty, but the people of an almost fairytale landscape estimate could not. They did not notice him as looking mostly at his feet to keep from falling. After a transparent, robust and extremely slippery ice lay on the stairs, and on the asphalt pavements and roads. Moscow is not the joy of the citizens turned into a huge skating rink.

Forecasters say that the blame — "freezing rain." This is a rare natural phenomenon, when the two-kilometer altitude precipitation falls as rain, but the cold okolzemnyh atmosphere turned to ice capsule and a fall to the ground firmly adhere to the surface. Along with precipitation fell to the ground and pedestrians.

Fought and cars on the roads. By the time the machinery on the line utilities number of minor accidents increased significantly. There have been major accidents. So, the car Mitsubishi Lancer flew to Moscow River embankment with Krutitskaya. Eyewitnesses say that the car skidded at speed, she hit the curb, rolled over and the roof descended the steps of the small pier into the water. The driver was killed.

On the assumptions of the rescuers, a man passed out on impact, and therefore not able to get out slowly sinking foreign cars. Deputy Chief Fire and Rescue Centre of Moscow Vladimir Shashin explained: "It was a blow, in general, quite good. They ripped the car wheel, windshield smashed. Apparently, the driver hit his head on the windshield. Rather, he was unconscious. because the machine for a while afloat, and then she moved away from the coast to the forty meters. "

The man, who was sitting behind the wheel, was a real chance to escape, but witnesses said the incident that he had not made any attempt to evacuate. Rescuers armed with special equipment, it took several hours to remove the mangled foreign car from the water. Vladimir Shashin said: "The car was in the wrong place. You had to pull her to a place where I could run the tap. That was the only difficulty. Pulled it with multipurpose fire-rescue ship."

Now find out the circumstances of the accident the traffic police, investigators and inspectors DPS strongly recommends that motorists refrain in the coming days to travel. Indeed, meteorologists do not rule out re-loss "freezing rain."

But as this story is commented in comments quoted by the website.

"Diesel Generator (emergency power supply — a comment." Gazety.Ru ") at the Domodedovo airport is operating correctly, told" Gazeta.ru "the spokesperson Elena Galanova airport.
However, he is not able to replace the two head electrical substations, defective in Podolsk and the village of Volodarsky, and provide all airport operations. According Golanovoy generator supports runways, signaling and navigation equipment, radio beacons.
"We can take flight, but completely powered airport terminal is not working, in particular, baggage sorting system — explained the spokesperson. — Luggage arrived after an accident passengers we separated manually. But from 10-00 airport is completely closed. "

According to her, remained without electricity terminal complex does not work the scoreboard. Information for passengers is the speakers that go in the building airport employees. Prediction of when in "Domodedovo" will be light, energy does not give. Passengers who did not manage to leave the house, please do not do this to get information on the restoration of power supply the airport. ".

In short, the present society is not ready for such disasters. By the way, freezing rain — a rare meteorological phenomenon, but in Moscow it this winter for the second time, and were still in the Volga and Urals.

What's the nemesis? And despite the fact that this is retribution. Retribution humanity for stupidity. Retaliation for having put up with the government nonentities like Me, Pu, Obama, Berlusconi and the like gentlemen who not a damn thing in the sense of the problems that come after the process of global restructuring of the environment will begin in full force.

For the year 2010 — is just warming up, gentlemen. More is coming.

God says earthlings who can understand him — "clever, and then perish."

You do not have to seek refuge somewhere in a "safe place." There will be no such place on Earth. Where there will be a flood — will fire, where there will be earthquakes — are freezing rain, the mass death of crops and other "charms", which is almost as capable of paralyzing the system of modern life support.

Moscow is in the thousands of kilometers traffic, airports barely functional, winter in Russia has already destroyed by frost in 50% (this is without taking into account the effects of frost, which will fall on the "blown" now Krasnodar region, which in 2010 helped the whole of Russia to its record harvest).

He who has ears, let him hear, having eyes and see.

A man hears hints God understands perfectly.

Umneyte, countrymen. And as soon as exempt from the power of the illiterate cretins who, as they say, "are looking for a second derivative under the bed."

With such a guide you will crash into the abyss of a year and a half.

Nemesis looks at you with eyes made of frozen methane.

And her soul is burning with anger.

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