Fear of the people — power base


In this video, once again we will talk about the global elite, "masters" governing world backstage. They have dozens of names. Part they have come up with, some of them gave inkling of their existence.

Have you ever been that, contrary to the idealistic young cries and calls for an awakening of the population, throw off the yoke of tyranny of the world revolution, Gale simply not Shocking? If only because that almost all (maybe even all) of the known world of the revolution have been made with their light hand.


How would not sound crazy, but a small handful of "people" mind-controlled billion. And billions meekly work for them, providing them with all the necessary and fulfilling every whim.

Hunger, disease, epidemics and wars are just a game.

Television and the press — heralds the founders of their will and the laws, everything is very simple. Slaves need freedom of speech, democracy? No problem, there will be both in any amount. Farce can swell to enormous sizes. Yes, and not necessarily something to inflate. Substitution of concepts — is also a great tool to be.

One goal and one meaning — the power and money. Impose slaves slave values and ideals and to start them gradually realize — that the townsfolk and happiness.


So, most likely, the overthrow of the world's elite will be completely different ways.


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