Features of the Atlantic hurricane season 2012

Meteorologists from the U.S. believe that the hurricane season on the Atlantic coast in 2012 will be less active than in the previous year. Projected up to 11 serious episodes, six of which can develop into hurricanes. Two major hurricanes can have winds up to 180 km / h This is slightly less than the average for the period 1950-2011 years. As a rule, in the year on the Atlantic coast in the season (from early July to late November) happened to 12 tropical storms, about seven hurricanes, three of which have maximum effect.

Specialists reinforce their forecasts that in 2012, the pressure over the Atlantic is slightly higher ocean somewhat colder than usual, which means that they can not feed intensively nadokeanicheskie warm steamy air mass. The approaching summer can also bring the effect of El Niño, emerging every 4-12 years. Due to this phenomenon are formed by strong winds, which can prevent tropical storms develop into a serious threat to the Caribbean and the Atlantic coast of the United States. The situation may change up to the drought in Asia and heavy rains in the south western United States.

Despite the fact that in Florida and surrounding states, the rainfall may be somewhat lower than normal, island communities and oil production in the Gulf still need to be on the alert.

Statistics for 2011 for the Atlantic coast: 19 tropical storms, 7 hurricanes evolved, three of which were very powerful. Especially remember the Americans march Hurricane Irene.

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