Five of the most mysterious places in Russia


Since ancient times, people have attributed the miraculous properties of individual localities, giving them an aura of sacredness or curse. In Russia, too, found a lot of places where there are unusual and mysterious phenomena. Consider those who, from the point of view of parapsychologists, ufologists and other researchers are included in the "top five", and try to analyze: what is the cause of the "anomaly"?

Flammable Bear

Medveditskaya Ridge — one of the most famous anomalous zones of Russia. It is a chain of undulating hills at a height of 200-380 m border Volgograd and Saratov regions.
The strangest place on the Dipper is the so-called Devil's lair, where it is constantly observed fireballs. At the points of intersection of their trajectories on the trees are still burn marks.

However, burning is not only the trees. November 11, 1990 in the heart of Devil's Den burned alive, sitting down to rest on the pile of hay, a shepherd Bisen Mamaev. His friend found a charred body … may cause fire, all linked to the same mysterious underground lightning.
Version. Can also be considered "alien" version, and the version of "magical powers." But most likely that there are a range of different fields of physical nature that affect material objects.

The aliens in "M-Soviet triangle"

The village is located in the Molebka Kishertsky district of the Perm region, about 280 km from Yekaterinburg and 30 km from the railway station Shamary on the right bank of the river Sylva. UFO then there are many different forms — the classic "plates", "sphere", "dumbbell", "cigar", glowing balls (from blue to red-orange), and other strange body. Sometimes people see a huge black figures like living beings. Some visitors to the zone allegedly entered into telepathic communication with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations that have provided them with different information …

Version. Ufologists believe that the area chosen for themselves aliens. Meanwhile, sometime in the near Molebka Demidov mines were located. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that here there are magnetic radiation affecting the instruments and people. Hence the "contacts with the aliens," and a variety of vision — ironically scientists.

Arch — a ghost town

Ural fortress Arkaim near Chelyabinsk called "Russian Stonehenge." Until now, scientists are arguing about who built this ancient city. In addition to the ruins of streets and buildings, archaeologists have found the remains of the aqueduct, metallurgical furnaces, mines … As you know, the arch was abandoned by its inhabitants 4,000 years ago. Before leaving the walled city on fire. It must have had it on their reasons.

According to people who have visited Arkaime, live there … ghosts. So, one day during the excavation of a student archaeologist heard a voice — someone called it in the center of the settlement. And she went. One. And returning, long sobbing hysterically. Turned out to be the ghosts of the ancient inhabitants were Arkaima. The girl had to be sent to a mental hospital … Perhaps ancient force that guards the Arch, does not want to disturb the peace of the dead?

Version. Members of the public research organization MSUA "Uranus", in August last year, has organized an expedition to the area of the Arkaim Reserve, came to the conclusion that "twisted wood", that is, an unnaturally curved tree trunks — this is one of the signs of the presence here geopathic zone. Maybe that's why people in his time, and left the walled city?

Novokhopyorsk phantoms

In the east of the Voronezh region, not far from the city Novokhopersk, is anomalous zone Zheltoyar.

Members of the expedition of the Voronezh committee for the study of anomalous phenomena has been in a zone, it was possible to film visions of events long past. The photographs show the people in uniform near tents. And on one of the pictures was showed phantom aircraft. The researchers believe that this is the picture of the Great Patriotic War: once there was a front line.

Version. Indeed, there is tangible evidence of the appearance of ghosts. You can talk about the phenomenon of "memory field", ie a field of unknown physical nature that can save "prints" of various objects and project them in time.

Plescheevo lake and Xin-stone

On the shore of the lake near the town of Pleshcheeva Pereslavl Yaroslavl region in the south lies a granite boulder gray color. It is called Sin-stone. Here's what is said about him in the "Encyclopedia of the unknown": "According to ancient Russian tradition, this stone is living spirit, fulfilling dreams and desires. At the beginning of the XVII century. Church joined in the fight with the pagan religion. Deacon Pereslavl Semenovskoy church Annufriy ordered to dig a big hole and throw it in the Hsin-stone. But after a few years boulder mysteriously looked out of the ground. After 150 years, the church authorities Pereslavl (Yaroslavl region) decided to lay the magic of the foundation stone of the local bell tower. Stone loaded onto a sled and taken over the ice of Lake Pleshcheeva. ICE kicked in, and Xin-stone sank to a depth of five meters. But soon the fishermen began to notice that the boulder mysteriously changes its location, moving slowly along the bottom. After half a century, he was on the shore at the foot of the mountain Yarilin, where he lies still. "

People can not even catch Xin-stone while driving. Even with the exact tools in hand, especially conducting surveillance.

Version. There are many versions. Here and "mystical" explanation, and it is "scientific" to explain the phenomenon of spontaneous movement of the stone under the influence of unknown physical fields. But no one hypothesis is worked through to the end. But is there any regret this: think how boring and fresh would our life be like if it did not remain a secret?

Author: Irina Shlionskaya

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