Flood in the center of Nikolaev

Tuesday, July 5, in Nikolayev on Sadovaya street near the intersection with the street Chigrina burst water pipe with a diameter of at least half a meter. As a result, the site was a large hole breakthrough, because the strong pressure of water simply washed away the earth and sand around.

Meanwhile, the water flooded road on the street. Garden to the street. Chigrina and was selected to the Lenin Ave. In some places, it was poured into whirlpools of stormwater runoff. However, in some places the water level exceeded the height of the curb, and so were even flooded some roadside areas.

Many drivers did not dare to leave on flooded streets and turn around their cars, and some, apparently, and "reckless" …
According to local residents, a few years ago livnevki that could "cope" with this water, simply "rolled into the asphalt." And for three years, at least three times in the year of floods like this.
Arrived on the scene workers' Nikolaevvodokanala "blocked water. We can assume that soon the situation will improve, because the water sooner or later still in the drain current livnevki.

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