Flooding in India


Shillong city north-east India. Floods caused by heavy rains in the last two weeks have killed 17 people in the Indian state of West Bengal in the east, from the disaster affected 900,000 people, the newspaper Hindu.

The water washed away more than 25,000 mud houses, more than 900 thousand people were affected by flooding, Minister for Emergency Management Javed Khan. Flood affected in nine of the 19 administrative districts in the state with a population of 90 million people.

Government of West Bengal has organized the delivery of food and other humanitarian assistance to the people of the affected areas, according to RIA Novosti.

River Kosi. Here in Araria situation is said to be the worst in the last fifty let.Navodnenie vynuzhdat women, elderly and children to leave their homes

More than 3,000 families affected in the Indian state of West Bengal in the east

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