Flooding in Thailand is the victim, destroyed about 700 homes

In Thailand, calculate the damage from storm surge "Nokten." Immediately north of the country 14 provinces affected by the monsoon rains and floods. In some areas, the water rose to 3 meters. The torrent destroyed about 700 homes.

Flooding has caused extensive water and electricity outages. Disrupted rail and air traffic. Flooded extensive planting and rubber trees — the main export items of Thailand.

According to weather forecasts, the storm will rage for days. However, the element is significantly diminished.

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Thailand claims to Atlantis

It is known that in August in Thailand, the peak of the rainy season, which runs until October. Indeed, the 2011 monsoon is very active. But their contribution to the rains brought more and tropical storm "Nock-Ten", which in the end of last week reached the coast of North Vietnam, where it dropped to 100 mm.

Thailand due to the tandem of a tropical storm and monsoon, in the last day in July resulted in excess of 300 mm of rain. The result was interrupted rail service in Bangkok and the north-eastern provinces.

Torrential rains caused flooding. The water level in the Mekong River reached 11 meters. Fields were flooded and the streets of several cities.

According to forecasts of rain will continue through mid-week. Particularly intense they will continue in the north and north-east of Thailand, so the chances of coastal flooding. In the northern and central provinces of the country can not be ruled gathering mudslides.

Great threat of flooding and of the Thai capital Bangkok.


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