Floods in Central America have killed 90 people, injured more than 600,000 — UN

Photo www.oko-planet.su

Victims of floods caused by tropical rains in the seven countries of Central America, were 90 people, injured more than 600 thousand. This was reported here today at the briefing reporters spokeswoman of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs / OCHA / Elizabeth Beers.
She called the situation "quite serious", adding that the figures are estimates and are likely to increase in the coming days, given that "the rains are expected to continue."
The most difficult situation, according to Beers, noted in El Salvador, where 250 thousand people were affected by the disaster. 50 thousand of them have lost the roof over their heads. In Guatemala, the floods have affected 154 thousand people, in Nicaragua — 134 thousand in Honduras — about 40 thousand total number of people in the region are forced to move into temporary shelters has exceeded 72 thousand people.
Floods also affected Mexico, where the number of victims was 92.5 thousand people.

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