Floods in Nigeria children died

Abuja, September 1. Most of the more than 100 people died in floods in Nigeria — the children.

"The flood destroyed many houses, many people now have nowhere to live" — quoted by "Interfax" employee Nigerian branch of the Red Cross.

According to him, under the rubble of collapsed houses are still people, and so the death toll could rise.

Recall, before it was reported that the victims of flooding in north-west Nigeria were at least 102 people.

It is noted that the most affected by the floods was Oyo State. There the water just washed houses with people inside them. As told Red Cross spokesman Umar Meyriga, in some areas the water level remains high due to the ongoing Sozonov rains.

Add that in Nigeria they are from June to September.

As reported by "Rosbalt", in the past year due to unprecedented floods in Nigeria 258 thousand people were left homeless. About 1.5 thousand people have died from cholera epidemic which caused floods.

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