Floods in Pakistan reaches epic proportions

Perhaps the biggest story for the world monsoon floods occur in the west of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The greatest damage and the number of affected accounts to Pakistan.

About 435 deaths and 5 million victims seem endless rains. The situation is so serious that the President of Pakistan Assefa Zidar appealed to the Ban Ki-moon and the UN asked to provide humanitarian assistance to the flood affected areas, said undispatch.com

What happened in the south of Pakistan flooding could keep a roof over his head most of the population of this country. In Sindh province ravaged the epicenter of the disaster.

As the International Portal Sky News, more than five million Pakistanis have been made homeless in southern Pakistan — a unique state created to receive on its territory of devout Muslims. In Sindh the most significant damage occurred. There are casualties.

In the region of the epicenter and the entire flood according to the police killed 130 people. The information received from Sky News Zafar Qadir, head of Pakistan's Ministry of Emergency Situations. Rescuers believe that on this figure the number of dead will not stop.

Most people die when bombarded roof and floors in homes. Flooding in the country creates a serious threat to food, since almost completely destroyed the harvest. For many in Pakistan namely agriculture is the main and often the only means of livelihood. Pakistan from more severe flooding also affected in the past, in 2010 — wrote internovosti.ru

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