Flying Girl in Russia, supersensatsiya on video


Translation Daria Hazanova

Videos presented here, has recently attracted the attention of Internet users. It shows, no more, no less — flying girl.

Video called "Flying Girl in Russian Forest", was presented on Youtube, the user Jevgenij2000, March 2, 2009, and to date has attracted more than 137,000 spectators. Most Visits was after 4 January 2011.

"I was filming with a video camera during a walk with my dog. I can not explain what happened there, "- written by Eugene.

Video lasts only 44 seconds, initially playing shows with the dog's movie. When the camera is left to the right, the screen silhouette appeared hovering in the air in a horizontal position, a girl with a raised upper body. On the land is worth, it seems, parent, watching her. The dog barked, and seeing that they are facing the camera, the girl quickly fell to the ground, after which they quickly left the place.



In schools, the Buddha and Tao suggest that people who are well have improved in their practice, open channels of meridians, and they can hover and fly. Many religions talk about reincarnation and may have the ability to soar due brought skills from a past life.

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