For Belarusians watch technology Ericssona

Under the headline journalist Hans Rosen today published an article in the Swedish newspaper «Dagens Nyheter», in which he wrote that the Swedish telecom concern Ericsson sold Belarusian equipment for eavesdropping of telephone conversations and email tracking.

Rosen said the Swedish readers that phone records and intercept e-mails that made the Belarusian KGB, used by the authorities in politically motivated lawsuits.

According to information confirmed Ericssonam journalist in Belarus, three Swedish companies have equipment that enables such interception: Beltelekom, Wellcome and Life.

Rosen writes that the state company Beltelecom controls the entire system of optical fibers, in which the entire Interactive traffic in the country, and the Wellcome is the Austrian company which has license for mobile services via GSM.

Life, moreover, that uses equipment from Ericssona, has another connection with Sweden — 80% of the shares it owned by a Turkish company Turkcell, in which the main shareholder is the Swedish-Finnish company TeliaSonera.

Technologies to eavesdrop on their customers and keep track of their correspondence on the same circuit of most telecommunications companies and Internet services providers in the world. But in democracies, writes Rosen, they are used by the police to expose the thieves, murderers and drug dealers. In Belarus, they are used against critics and opponents of the regime.

Ericsson believes that the company did not violate selling such equipment in Belarus.

"Opportunities for the lawful interception has all the equipment that we sell, and it meets all the guidelines introduced in the area of the UN and the EU," — wrote a Swedish journalist Pressovy Bureau Ericssona.

Ericsson also believes that its presence in Belarus has positive results:

"Together with our partners, we are working to improve the lives of the people of Belarus, giving access to telecommunications and new types of services to the development of telecommunication services to make a positive contribution to the economy and society", — said the press shop offices Ericssona.

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