For flight tests joined the 3rd layout PAK FA

For flight tests joined by a third PAK FA prototype

As reported by the press release UAC (United Aircraft Company), the Komsomolsk-on-Amur started (the first time) Russian fighter T-50 layout Number 3 (PAK FA). The airplane ran Sergey Bogdan (test pilot). The car was in the air a bit more than an hour, and in the course of the flight was conducted performance testing of the power plant and the stability of the aircraft. All planned tests were successful.

In August 2011 it was reported that before the end of the present year in the program of flight tests will include two new fighters layout (then participated aircraft T-50 Number 1 and T-50 number 2). At the current time, the first two models are tested at the airfield in Zhukovsky LII. Gromov. It is understood that the first layout flying since 2010 (January), and the second in 2011 (March).

Based on the current schedule, it is clear that the tests fighter PAK FA will end before the end of 2012. And in 2013, 10 cars will transfer center in Lipetsk combat deployment and re-training of flight personnel. Russian Defense Ministry plans to buy T-50 in an amount of 60 units. It should be noted that in general the RF Air counts on preliminary data, 150 fighters T-50.

Properties of the T-50 today kept secret. The only thing that is clear, that fighter boasts the highest mental-board equipment, including a function of "electronic pilot", also has a radar with an active phased array antenna. In addition plane can soar and taking the bands 300-400 meters long and do any combat tasks in various weather and time of day. Given fighter is a super-maneuverable and can fly at supersonic cruising speed.

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