For the anniversary of the end of World War II

Approaching another anniversary of the end of World War II. Soon the age of blowjob from the time when the November 8, 1918 in the forest of Compiegne armistice was signed that ended the most stupid massacre in the history of mankind. Let's try a short and concise list some landmark moments of the war, some interpret the results of this landmark action and extrapolate the lessons of this colossal geopolitical catastrophe on the most likely future.

The first global war very different in their own liking of the past and the next. The last decade before the war in the military were characterized, first by its development tool of defense has advanced dramatically in comparison with the gun coming. On the battlefield, steel rule rapid-repeating rifle, rapid-firing breech-loading rifled cannon and machine gun naturally. All this instrument perfectly blended with strong engineering preparation of defensive positions: continuous trench with communication trenches, thousands of kilometers Stitching wire support points with bunkers, pillboxes, bunkers, forts, fortifications, etc. Under these criteria, any attempt to attack troops ended a disaster such as the defeat of the Russian army in Mazowieckie transformed into swamps or inhumane slaughter, as at Verdun. War for long years was malomanevrennoy, trench, trench.

For the anniversary of the end of World War II

But the military men tirelessly find solutions. There are tanks, armored cars, armored trains, bombers, chemical weapon, the mass began to use mortars and flamethrowers. Theorists developed the theory of the deepest offensive, the German version betrothed later theory of blitzkrieg. In this work the Russian army led by the best minds of the General Staff. During the implementation of new theoretical ideas in Russia began forming two shock armies, one for the West, the other for the Southwestern Front. In the Russian version dubbed their mechanized cavalry group. To them were built 10's armored trains, hundreds of armored cars and airplanes. Sewed was a few hundred thousand units of special clothing, leather — for pilots, crews broneotryadov and armored trains, as a special outfit for the troopers with reddish for the army and one blue for 2 army pants and unique hats, caps, bogatyrkami. In store an unlimited number of weapons and ammunition. All this wealth was stored in special warehouses along the railway lines from Moscow to Minsk and Moscow to Kiev. Advent planned for the summer of 1917. First, this year's best cavalry officers and technicians were withdrawn from the front and at military schools began to teach them warfare knit. In both capitals were made 10's training centers crews mobilized there with 10 companies of thousands of educated workers, technicians and engineers, taking off their reservation. But they had no particular desire to wage war, and antimilitarist propaganda Cadets, liberals and socialists did the rest. In fact, the case of the soldiers of the capital of training regiments and armed Kerensky for the Defense of the Revolution of soldiers, workers, and later made the October Revolution. But the cumulative impact for the Russian armies and weaponry property was not in vain. Leather jacket and Mauser very fond of security officers and commissioners, as a form of cavalry went Clothing 1 and 2 Cavalry armies and commanders of the Reds and later became known as Budennovskaya.

Unheard of loss and a couple of years the majestic seat trench led to demoralization and active army, and later led to mass desertions, rebellions and revolutions, and culminated in the collapse of 4-mighty empires: Russian, Austro-Hungarian, German and Ottoman. And, despite the victory, not considering them seriously broke down and started to fall another 2 mighty colonial empire: English and French.

A real winner in this war were the United States of America. They overwhelmingly cashed in on military supplies, not only swept clean sweep all gold reserves and budgets of the Entente powers, and forced them to onerous debts. Entered the war in terminating stage, the United States grabbed for himself not only an impressive share of the laurels of the favorites, and a fat slice of reparations and indemnities from the losers. It was America's finest hour. Only a century back, U.S. President Monroe appointed a doctrine of "America for the Americans" and the U.S. entered into a stubborn and brutal struggle for the extrusion of the European colonial powers from the South American mainland. But after the Treaty of Versailles no power could not do anything in the Western Hemisphere without the permission of the United States. It was a triumph farsighted strategy and decisive step on the path to world domination.

It should be said that not only the United States was lucky to this war. The very small, 4 more power out of a fledgling after it is real, mentally and physically. This is Canada, Australia, Argentina and Japan. But their impending fate and the story is very different and mentoring, including in today's Russia.

Let's start with a couple of sweet Anglo-Saxon, the upcoming fate is very similar and safely. This is Canada, and Australia. Being at that time the British dominions, they were forced to take active part in the hostilities on the side of the Entente. But their main task proved to arms supplies, materials, raw materials and food for the warring states. Owning already autonomous from the mother country budgets, they are well cashed in on it. It was then clearly shaped raw material orientation of their economies. But unlike our reckless intellectuals who never knows what she wants and what is fighting a raw material appendage of the world economy niskolechko not distressed and burdened challenge the Canadian and the Australian public. Faster opposite. These countries have very successfully sent the proceeds to increase production of raw materials, the deeper its processing and development infrastructure. For example, up to 20's with the Pacific to the Atlantic coast, in Canada, it was possible to pass only through the U.S. countryside. Trans-Canada highway were built specifically in the 20s. Lofty depression and the second global war brought new adjustments. Realizing the vulnerability of pure raw materials sector, both countries have realized the immense programs from import substitution and self-reliance. In the 60 years they have virtually everything they consume, create a right under global brands and a very excellent. With all of this export of these products, including advanced mining equipment, vehicles, equipment, etc., as they say, we, the finished product is relatively small. Export base as before are food, raw materials and semi-finished products. Imports also relatively small. Such a structure and orientation of the economy allows these countries over the 10-s years have stable surpluses in all spheres of economic activity and is the basis of a model for sustainable development in these countries. With all this their home-grown intellectuals and plaintive singing endless songs about kozlyachi raw materials appendage, possibly with a brain in their surplus, too.

Another approach showed Argentina. Coming out of the First World War, the richest (after the U.S.) by the State of South American continent, it was unable to convert this property into the concept of sustainable development. Argentina has sent virtually all of their belongings on consumption. Beat the motto: "We produce a lot of food, export it, everything else will buy." It turned out to be counterprod
uctive and ultimately country missed an historic opportunity to own. Only 80 years after the final collapse of Peronism, the country is almost took himself a Canadian-Australian model of development and is now beginning to catch up with varying success.

But the coolest of all were the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun. Also immensely nazhivshis on supplies, they are fallen ill deadly virus megalomania, which, as we know, terrible venereal disease and in fact it is not treated. Vociferous local patriots came to power anywhere, from village councils and ending with the State Council of the Emperor. Came to an end this imperial euphoria of terrible military and political disaster in 1945. For his very nasty behavior country was dropped through the floor in all areas. And she would be there to this day, but they were lucky in the second time. After the Communist takeover in China and with the start of the Korean War, Japan was reincarnated in the rear near the western kaolitsiya, with all the attendant benefits. The Vietnam War and the never-ending conflict PRC and Taiwan have strengthened this status and its Japanese forgiven. They used adequately provided a chance and made the 60-80's a huge leap. But delusions of grandeur does not pass without any trace, and they again began to rave leadership in the Asia-Pacific region. Punishment does not force himself to be expected in the long-90s masters of the world they had a serious crisis, the recalling of the proximity of a plinth and keep about him is almost 2 decades. But it appears against the background of growing US-China rivalry soon forgive them again.

But now these examples try to draw conclusions themselves lovers. But:
— Appeal to reason patriots completely stupid. Their constantly and chronically itchy face. From this they did not cure the disease, even very didactic defeat of the USSR in the cool war, being there for their tragic examples of the Land of the Rising Sun or Germany. Because for them above all do not fight, but simply to bark. But their obsession with constantly urinate against the wind, it is generally a separate issue.
— Appeal to reason defeatists, collaborators, comprador, Westerners and liberal activists even more stupid. Their only our enemies are always right, holy and sinless, and for them the most important thing is not so much admiration for the West as a pathological desire to lick this most West in the ass. For those in this article there are no role models for them it is in Georgia.
— Appeal to reason grabbers, thieves, thieves, gluttons spenders and reel also has no special meaning. Their main motto is: "After us the deluge." For their example postwar Argentina is not didactic, and very positive, and we want.
I appeal to the mind of the labor class pragmatists who do not care about the fate of our country and its people, and at the same time alien nonsense bawlers, demagogues and dogmatists. And from the standpoint of this very useful pragmatism closer look at the experience of Canada and Australia in the creation of a model of sustainable development.

And no-brainer that we are quite different, namely:
— in-1's, we are not Anglo-Saxons, and never have been, and will not be able to. This is no comment.
— in-2, we U.S. satellites, and never not be, but could be. It is appropriate comments. In the late 80's and early 90's in the national consciousness of the Soviet Union the indescribable surge of Americanism and inexplicable reverence to the West. From the height of experienced years I can not understand even for myself to explain this phenomenon epistemology and just take it to the symptoms of mass psychosis. In this case, it neprintsipialno. It is important that America and the West miss this unique chance against the background of mass reverence to the post-Soviet space, including Russia, its satellite. Instead, they announced the defeated Soviet Union and its people had to kneel down, sprinkle ashes together and start to lick ass in the West, as once did the Germans and citizens of the country of the rising sun. But the Russian, except for the Vlasov and comprador, do not want to do, even as they were not destroyed, they are simply thrown. The Americans have not taken a lot about that, even if our home was the only country in the world capable of killing United States, although at the cost of his life. But God bless them, it's their fault for what they will have to pay dearly. And in a very real, and not in a figurative sense, gold and banknotes. Since they did not have enough time to get the brain alliance and friendship with Russia and good affection, they will have to try to get it, but not the fact that storguemsya.
— Third, our state still quite different size, scale and volume of muscles
But to do with Canada and Australia have even more:
— Firstly, we have large and underdeveloped areas, with tremendous resources
— Secondly, with regard to countless, but very rare in terms of the size of the terrain and a very uneven distribution of population by regions
— Third, the menacing climate and unprincipled that in Canada and the Russian Federation to -50, and in Australia to 50, obtain raw materials account for a rotational manner, constantly live in these criteria do not want a lot of
— Fourthly, large exports of raw materials and semi-finished products
— fifthly, these countries give us worthy, and most importantly the necessary and appropriate example effective development of the commodity economy. These examples are radically different from packaged and imposed gaydarastami worthless examples of development of the countries with very different natural, climatic, demographic, economic, mental and other criteria.
— in the sixth, a similar type of mindset. We are Asians, but with European-ethnic roots, they are also not local, but also the roots of European and not mono-ethnic. Mental type is also very important. For example, I deliberately exclude South Africa from role models (they also profited well in that war) just because of the unique in turretless mindset of its people.

But the rest of us really need to catch up, and first in matters of import and export of unjustified termination of capital limit, which by the way is quite related. All the more so that our country in practice, though intuitive, has embarked on the path of the Canadian-Australian model of sustainable development.

Import substitution is made like a lot. Successfully implemented programs from development and virtually stopped importing poultry meat, eggs, bread, pipes, metal, products and nuclear power engineering, helicopters and these industries are located on exports. Implemented applets and decreases rapidly fraction import cars, electronics, home appliances, pork, metal 3 and 4 redistribution, certain types of equipment. Still more to be done. Once a year, heavily trafficked over the limit for payment of imports of metallurgical, mining, engineering, agriculture, food equipment, meat, beef, ships and aircraft, odezhki and shoes. In these areas the fraction of the Russian producer unfairly low. These programs from import substitution in the development stage or only at the start of implementation.
With all of this by the example of our counterparts, we should not go too far. They do not boost the creation and export of finished products. Do they, for example, there are several places where you placed near the field of iron ore and coking coal. It would seem that God himself commanded to build a metallurgical plant there and export finished products. But they prefer to export coal and iron ore, and the metal from these concentrates let up in China, Korea, the land of the rising sun. There are a number of circumstances.
— at today's prices of mining and milling of raw materials and a decent income measured
— the development of production at a deep processing of raw materials for export, along with the added cost in the country is &q
uot;smoke and dirt" and a lot of other unnecessary environmental problems that require huge costs for disposal of waste and emissions
— relatively small population in these countries. If the mining industry in relation to the highest labor productivity, without requiring huge import of labor, then the superfluous development of the manufacturing industry for export requires a large import labor from Asia, which brings with it a huge amount of unnecessary demographic problems
So in these areas have a lot to learn from them. Therefore, attention should be focused first on import substitution rather than on the production of finished products for export.

Separate theme exporting capital limit. Here and stallion is not lying. General and escape unpunished disgraced oligarchs gorgeous, stolen capitals over the limit just infuriates people's minds, regardless of the level of education and life. People simply want punishment for apostates, power idle. The opposition is based on the beliefs of theft, even more terrible power. Well, with all the people of our not quite accurate, it is not the Lamb of God. How would say the Count Arakcheev, the main occupation of Russian citizens — steal, and steal more than half of the subjects, from small to large, from the poor to the oligarchs. It would be half the trouble, if Stolen by squandered in Russia, built houses, villas, factories, took things went in the resort, on the Black Sea coast and there squandered grandmother. But no. And stole a bit over the hill, the poor traveler, middle peasant tries to buy a house somewhere in Macedonia, the oligarch factory somewhere in Britain. Take out billions of dollars. And all for nothing, thrown everywhere. The Turks will poison the poor guy Viscaria or reversed with the bus in the middle peasant house requisition Albanians in Macedonia under the pretext of the plant in the Chinese tycoon bankrupt. There is only one puff, either for himself or the country or the people. Such is the main Russian failure, it is more serious than the fool and the roads, and even more import substitution. And with that, I'm sure something can be done.

Worthy examples are, they need to learn and take on board. As the saying goes: the goals are clear, tasks are defined, for the work of comrades!

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