Forecasters expect severe floods in the north of European Russia

Severe floods and flooding this spring can be expected in parts of the north-west and the north of European Russia, said the deputy director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Gennady Eliseev.

"At the present time, problems with water reserves are in the north-western regions, where in some areas the water supplies in the snow is 1.7 times higher than normal. Floods are possible, the output of water from the flood plain and flooding. North and north-west, almost all major rivers, water rise near normal, especially in areas where ice jams "- said Elisha.

In particular, he said, in Karelia water supplies up to two times higher than normal. There may also be problems in the rivers of the Leningrad region.

However, Elisha said that the nature of the spring flood is defined not only water supplies, but the nature of the spring, it "druzhnostyu."

"If it is prolonged, it will not be a strong tide," — said the weatherman.

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