Forged Men — service people of Siberia

Moscow hosted the II International Festival of History.
Members of the Omsk club "Forged Men — service people of Siberia" dignity there myself were presented to display the accumulated knowledge, experience and outstanding combat skills. XVII century history collected bit by bit: the elements of the costumes, the details of weapons already forgotten crafts and traditions of ancient times. As a result, 23 of the Siberian fighter did not go unnoticed. Antiques, accurate recreations of Omsk craftsmen, perplexed and foreign masters.

Pride of the club — field gun. The people is a gun affectionately referred to as "darling." Hear the echoes of the past in the cannon volley and will soon be able Omsk. City Day "service people of Siberia" will take part in a colorful parade and celebration will be the brightest characters in the Omsk fortress.

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