From the first Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-1 is based on pairs with radiation in the 3-4 thousand per hour milizivertov

As the channel NHK, citing the statement of NPP operator TEPCO, radiation levels in the air around the plant is currently the highest in all the time since the accident.

According to TEPCO steam produced from the water accumulated in the basement area of the building, whose temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. The station operator has assured that the increased level of radiation will not affect the emergency work. In the building remote-controlled robots.

Recall, March 11, 2011. Japan's 9.0 magnitude earthquake. Tremors and the subsequent tsunami devastated the infrastructure of the north-east of the country and destroyed the cooling system at reactor "Fukushima-1", which led to the fire, a number of explosions and radiation leak at the plant.

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