Gaddafi asked for help to Putin

Gaddafi asked for help to PutinLibyan favorite of Russian Prime Minister asked to mediate in peace talks.

Americans and their allies, united in the international coalition whose aim is to overthrow the legitimate Libyan Muammar Gaddafi's favorite, for the first time openly claimed sanction for ground operations in the country. A statement on the subject was made by Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs James Appathurai that, given the rank of the person to express, can not be considered his "personal opinion".

"Yes, I believe that the UN Security Council to adopt the latest resolution on Libya, as resolution 1973 does not involve carrying out ground operations. Because in order to have been carried out on the ground any military acts to the adoption of the latest resolution "- quoted by RIA" Novosti "Appathurai words, spoken by him during videoconference with the students of the Metropolitan Municipal Institute of Linguistics. Naturally, with all this, he mentioned that, say, the West has no intention to change the political regime in Libya. "Gaddafi is not the goal of NATO. But his troops continued to deliberately kill the civilian population of Libya, and specifically protect civilian population is the main goal of the coalition, "- said Appathurai. In general, the cost of this to him, we all know very well.

NATO has spoken can be treated dually. In 1-x, the Western coalition did not have any illusions about the fact that it will ensure the victory of the so-called. "Rebels" by remote means (simply put, the bombing). Well, in-2, the management of the Alliance, it seems, really looking forward to success of self-test push this kind of resolution through the UN Security Council. And if you think he has some reason to believe that our homeland again will not use its legitimate right to veto such projects.

Previously, we recall, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov said that our country does not want to support the Security Council resolution that would permit a ground operation in Libya. But, as we directed attention, for all that he told us that our home would impose a veto on such a resolution. According to Russian control, and it did not support the resolution 1973, since abstained from voting, but all impartial professionals understand that in the current international context, though any decision without considering vetoing the draft resolution, it means the actual support of the document.

It should be noted, in general, that the recent actions in Libya, specifically the barbaric bombing of non-military targets, in the course of which, namely, killing Gaddafi's youngest son and three of his grandchildren, have caused some tightening rhetoric of Russian politicians. Specifically, as reported by Interfax, the head of the State Duma Committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachev said that if the information about the death of Gaddafi family is confirmed, it will be a "living proof that the indiscriminate use of force in such a coalition antiliviyskoy equally unacceptable as unacceptable impacts Gaddafi and his loyal forces to the civilian population. "

Reacted to the recent actions and Russian Foreign Minister, who said that the statement of the coalition that the strikes on Libya are not intended physical destruction Gaddafi and members of his family, 'cause severe doubt. " "As we warned, the disproportionate use of force, even more so with the excess of the mandate of resolution 1973 of the UN Security Council in any way not involving change of control of Libyan Jamahiriya, leads to disastrous consequences and the death of innocent people," — said the Russian Foreign Ministry. On Smolensk Square again called for "strict implementation of the provisions adopted by the Libyan conflict, making international society, an immediate ceasefire and the beginning of a political settlement without any preliminary conditions."

But then similar, albeit rather harsh statements deal does not go. Although, we recall our homeland could fully use the latest action in Libya in order to fulfill the request of the management of the country and call-still critical UN Security Council session to consider actions of the Western coalition, if so, Moscow believes that she has gone beyond the boundaries set aside her opportunities.

Meanwhile, the web has appeared in Russian translation (albeit amateur) Muammar Gaddafi's speech, in which he claimed as the official media, allegedly declared war on Italy. We offer you the text of the translation:

"My brothers and sisters!

The current day and happy for me and sad. On this day, many years ago, at the Battle of Al-Gadabiya fallen hero's death my grandfather. Pal hundred square meters together with other Libyans. Now, almost a century later, Italy vorachivaetsya again, bringing evil to our land. It hurts me that now have to think about it. I dreamed about this forgotten.

I wish to ask Berlusconi "Silvio, where our friendship, of which you are so do not read enough? Where the Italian Parliament, which also read a lot about friendship? Where are you all? ". Italy has made a very painful Libyans, Libyans are very resentful of Italy, and I have no veto power to prevent them from experiencing the pain and hurt. Italians we read: "We wish and we will be friends." They lied. Yesterday Italy bombed Sirte.

Those who call themselves my friends — favorites of China, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Portugal — I ask you: what was discussed in the UN Resolution 1973? There allowed to establish a no-fly zone, or given kindly kill Libyans? Libya plagued by without stopping. We have blocked access to oil blow ports, bombarded the house, closed the food supply of bombarding rooms where there are negotiations with the representatives of other states. And all of this is called the "no-fly zone." I had previously thought that the no-fly zone — is when the planes do not fly on both sides, but it turns out it's not only fly when the Libyan planes and fly your bombard they want and where desire.

Tired and decisions of the United Nations that it is, and why? What is a resolution — To pause the aircraft or so to kill Libyans hunger? Where, in what the resolution says, "You can kill '? Where it says: "You can cut the connection and water supply?" Where?

I'm not one of those who love ask: Usually require me, and I do not deny. But at the moment I'm asking the whole world, please, we need to sit down and talk, in public and openly, so that the world and our voice heard.

I ask, I ask you personally, Vladimir Putin, to mediate. You can, I believe in it. We are happy that your words were heard that the bombing to finish, but after all it is clear that "Al-Qaeda" despises international laws. I urge you: see who is consuming when I declare a truce. Impracticable world stops when only one side of the fire. Libyans have never waged war among themselves. The fact that at the moment there is — it is a war against Libya, not war civilian clothes.

I ask the international community: come, come, do everything to end the bombing of civilian facilities. No one here does not want war. Libyans — my kids, Libyans are not at war with me, and I do not fight with them. Look: we help people who have lost everything they earned a weary labor. I ask the African Union to visit the favorites in Ajdabiya, and look who it is waging war against us. Why intr
uders from Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt and other countries present themselves as people Ajdabiya? Save this city from those who took it over!

And now listen to you, the people of NATO!

You scorers in the wall, do not miss the flow of African movement in Europe, a wall, stop terrorists "Al-Qaeda". This wall was Libya. You are destroying it. You — nerds. For thousands of migrants from Africa, with the support of "Al-Qaeda" burn in hell for you. And so it is.

I never lie. I do not lie and at the moment.

There are four errors for which you should avoid. Four errors in what for you posodeystvuyut no bombing.

First: the inner life of Libya, its device. To solve these issues can and will be only the Libyan people. The only one. Remember: do not you and I do not even. Libyans can only do if zahochut, to change its system of government.

2nd: I, Muammar Gaddafi. Leave me or not, it's not for you. You — no one. The authorities of Libya for 40 years is in the hands of Libyans. My grandparents, my ancestors were killed in the Libyan land, and they never left home. You are funny with their requirements. You are funny. I — not the president of Libya, but if it was maybe people would have chosen me. Yes, my people love me. And for you to understand why. For the fact that I do not love you.

Third, oil. Do not even dream. Do not even dare to dream that you take away our right to have babies that they had the last 40 years. I do not promise to you that we will sit and watch as the looting of our kids. But, obviously, we can talk to get your business in Libya was more successful than ever before. After all, you need to specifically is it?

4th: Libya. Snow-white flag will not. Never. If you come to our land, all Libyans will take weapons and fight!

Life without freedom — nothing.

We will defend our freedom or die. "

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