Gaddafi coming war between Muslims and Christians

Gaddafi coming war between Muslims and ChristiansFavorite Libya Muammar Gaddafi called on the heads of the Western coalition to resign immediately to halt "crazy bloodshed, the triumph of law over force of the laws of force and destruction of the common interests in the Mediterranean region", the statement said the head of the Jamahiriya, posted on Thursday municipal Libyan agency JANA.

"These fools want to discard all of us in the Middle Ages, starting the danger of war on which they are completely taken aback control soon," — said Gaddafi. With all of this, he suggested the people of Western countries "choose to discover new favorites, respecting the affairs between states and understand the meaning of international relations and international law."

In the unlikely event that the words Gaddafi, "The world will soon witness the terrible War between Muslims and Christians "in the region.

The internal crisis in Libya began back on February 17 and uniformly acquired traits civilian War between supporters and opponents of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Country was broken by the slave rebels loyal to the leader and East West. Expense of the victims of this conflict goes on thousand, have left the country more than 330 thousand refugees.

The UN Security Council on March 17 adopted a resolution calling for the introduction of a no-fly zone over Libya and approving the possibility of foreign military operations against Gaddafi's forces. In the operation began on March 19, which was named "Odyssey Dawn", involving a number of countries, namely, England, France, USA, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark. On Sunday, the NATO Council decided to assume the command of the coalition military operation in Libya.

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