Gaddafi continues to war with his murderers and the dead …

More than seven months have passed since that day or was killed Libyan Muammar Gaddafi's favorite. The bloody execution of Colonel, which became a bone across the larynx for American and European favorites, divided the world into two sides. Some screamed in ecstasy and is sensitive to any animal frenzy of difficult to explain the joy and euphoria, others realized that the destruction of Gaddafi should be treated as a true atrocity, which by all means should be investigated. Investigate the murder of Libyan favorite, which took place in his hometown of Sirte, called Our homeland, the organization Amnesty International, as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. It would seem that the new Libyan authorities should show severe activity to punish the guilty, but there seems to be so … Until now, there was no intelligible made attempts to start a real investigation, which is based on shaped as letters of criminal law. Not a lot of that on the day or from a South American State Department got information that the capacity of the Transitional National Council now has better things to do the investigation of resonant murder. These words were spoken by the South American Deputy Secretary of State Michael Posner. In addition, the sovereign Posner said that the 42-year rule of Muammar Gaddafi is Libya's democratic universities were destroyed, and this means that the new government of the North African country will have to roll up your sleeves and begin the process of formation of the modern prosperous country.

Gaddafi continues to war with his murderers and the dead ...

By the way, very catchy, what exactly representative of South American foreign minister speaks with excuses PNS about why and after 7 months of unnecessary death of Colonel Gaddafi's investigation into the case is not moving forward. This once again proves to whom such an investigation will now be the least profitable.
In this regard, the surface itself pops the question: Have the people who dealt with Gaddafi in front of the camera lens, the order does not take Colonel alive or murder Libyan favorite can be called an accident or even negligence? As time went looking shots before the moment of the murder, and right after it, have the feeling that this carnage encouraged by what is called, above. People who dragged the bloody Gaddafi the hair on city streets, apparently realized that with Gaddafi can do almost anything you want. No instruction "Take the living and judged by democratic laws", of course, was not, and therefore turned the raging mass of human blood in the world show. But if so, then the murder of Gaddafi is not only the artists, and the obvious customers. Who are these people from whose, speak out so taciturn consent of the captured Gaddafi killed at the sight of hundreds of people gathered around?

At this point there is quite a stable outlook, according to which this so-called Franco-American coalition, the heads of which were Sarkozy and Obama. Transience of captivity and the subsequent murder gives food for thought that in the middle of the Libyan rebels, terrorists existed typical principle — do not stand on ceremony with Gaddafi and do everything that he "did not get" to the infirmary.

Of course, this situation was at hand, and Sarkozy and Obama. The sensational story sponsored by the Gaddafi family, Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential election to the obvious proof. And although the former president of France, and declares that all these documents on the allocation of multi-million dollar aid for his victory at the elections — a fake, but the world is more and more inclined to believe specifically provided documents, not to Sarkozy about his own honesty and uprightness. Still, his defeat in the presidential election of 2012 makes it possible to conceive that no funds dictator, as he himself Sarkozy called Gaddafi win Monsieur Nicolas comes out. In this regard, we can add that if occupied by October 20, 2011 Gadhafi was captured alive, the story of "winning millions" for Sarkozy has long since become the subject of discussion would not, and are 100% accurate information. In all this we must not forget that to sponsor Sarkozy in elections read and scion of Colonel Gaddafi, Saif al Islam.

Apparently, the very zeal of the French favorite remove their own sponsor, so he did not give the world a terrible lurking about the background of his victory in the presidential election — this is one of the reasons the beginning of the Libyan great slaughter, which now had time to grow into a full-scale war on civilian clothes. But let's not forget that France is now in the investigation into the authenticity of materials that have been placed in the media and shed light on financial assistance from Muammar Gaddafi. And if such an investigation will lead to the fact that the documents are authentic and, therefore, the truth of words Seif al-Islam will be proved, it is already possible to Sarkozy himself will be behind bars.

In other words, the case of the murder of Colonel Gaddafi openly down on the brakes in Libya, but a man who could in one degree or another act of the customer execution, fully expects clear dock, if the French decide to go to a real court investigation, and not to hide disk imaging. In this case, you can be considered a fair term for Sarkozy in connection with what the coin he repaid Muammar Gaddafi.

But when it comes to desire only Sarkozy cover your tracks with the Libyan sponsorship, then why did the operation intensively supported the Americans. It is no more in 2009, Muammar Gaddafi at the General Assembly called on Obama to make perpetual president of the United States, because he is a descendant of Africa. Many have seen in the words of Gaddafi's cunning and hints at the Inter nedavneshnie investigation, during which all began to go more often to the surface of the rumors that Obama was not born in Honolulu (Hawaii, USA), and in Kenya. Obama's entourage denied this information. Still — because if all because hinted at the time Gaddafi, it turns out that Obama was not able to become president of the United States. And it vedchivye journalists continue and now (obviously not without enthusiasm on the Republican side) to find the "Kenyan" trail in the Obama presidency. You can imagine for yourself what would happen if, as in France before the presidential elections, the U.S. will have a designated kind of dirt on Barack Obama. In this connection, it can also not just lose the election, and be in the dock.

Do not forget that the tribunal is now over, and another man, which gave the order to bomb Libyan town — Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi is pursued not only in the case of a sexy intimacy with an underage prostitute Karima Al-Mahrug (Ruby), and in connection with the waste of funds from the state treasury for the company sexy merrymaking at your own villa. Italians prostitute Karim Arab origin also saw the typical Libyan trail. If though there is some connection, then the situation becomes truly magical color scheme: it turns out that those municipalities favorites, who participated in the overthrow and murder of Gaddafi may soon dock and wait for a real prison. Oh, that's truly, Gaddafi continues to war with his murderers and the dead …

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