Gaddafi declared war on Italy

Gaddafi declared war on ItalyLibya is at war with Italy, said the Libyan Muammar Gaddafi's favorite municipal television broadcast. "War of the Libyan people want, and I can not interfere. We're at war with Italy since Italians kill our children in 2011, as in 1911. 'Cause I can not forbid Libyans to defend their lives and their land and move to military action terrain enemy "- said Gaddafi, accused in Italy "brand new colonialism."

"My friend Silvio Berlusconi made a sin, deciding to participate in the bombing of Libya," — said the colonel. "We want to turn that page in the history of the hated our relationship. But instead of joy and celebration at the end of this period (colonialism), now we are facing the modern colonization of the Italy"- Said Gaddafi.

Italy managed to close the 30-year history of the colonization of Libya after the 3 years back the "Contract of Friendship", which was signed Gaddafi and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The document foresaw great Italian investments in Libya as "compensation," the admission of the Italian companies in Libyan the mining sector. At the current time the contract officially suspended. Rome supported and practically recognized the Transitional Council of State (PNS) Libya and participates in the international coalition operations in Libya.

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