Gaddafi erase in a powder

In the coming hours, NATO aircraft can strike on Libya

Gaddafi erase in a powder

The UN Security Council votes to 10, with 5 abstentions, adopted a resolution on the ban on flights over Libya. The bombing of military targets controlled by Muammar Gaddafi, may begin in the coming hours. Spices, but varies in that the air strikes fail to inflict harm Gaddafi, able to change the situation on the Libyan front. It is not clear, moreover, who and what forces will bombard Libya.

5 of the fifteen members of the UN Security Council, including our homeland, China and Germany, abstained from voting the resolution number 1973, approving the introduction of a no-fly zone over Libya and calls for "all necessary measures to protect civilians." Veto, but did not use any of the members of the Security Council.

The fact that the resolution of the "no-fly zones" will be used as a sanction for the bombing of the Libyan Air Force facilities under the control of Muammar Gaddafi, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said even for a few days before the meeting of the Security Council. Now, March 18, in Brussels, a meeting of the NATO Council at the ambassadorial level, during which a specific decision will be made on the date and time of the operation.

France, from the very beginning of the conflict in Libya are in favor of military intervention, expressed its willingness to start bombing Libyan military targets in the coming hours. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Francois Baruen said even the preparation of a ground operation in Libya, which, according to him, except for the French troops will be involved contingents from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The readiness to provide military bases for air operations against Libya has already said Italy.

Observers with a certain bewilderment staring at this picture. "I honestly do not quite understand who and what forces is going to be applied on Libya bombing" — confessed expert Metropolitan Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Hramchihin.

"SP": — Is the combined forces of the French, Italian and British aircraft placed at the base in Aviano and Ramstein, is not enough in order to to bomb the land of the Air Force and Air Defense Libya?

— Without the support of a U.S. aircraft carrier forces similar groups would obviously not enough. And where at the moment are those aircraft carriers — a mystery. There were many reports of their progress from the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean in the direction of the Libyan war theater, but later they all mysteriously disappeared. There is, in general, the version according to which the Americans are going and just do without the introduction of ground-attack aircraft and objects to kill Libyan air defenses with cruise missiles launched from submarines or strategic bombers B-52.

"SP": — What are the forces of Libyan aircraft, whether it is able to resist future shocks?

— Park Air Force Base Libya are hopelessly outdated Russian MiG-23 and the French "Mirage» F1 long since decommissioned in producing countries. Combat training actually Libyan pilots, apparently, is at zero. But in the Libyan Air Force is a lot of foreign mercenaries, and that they can make the problem of. Reliably known about the group of pilots from Syria, fighting on the side Gaddafi, do not be surprised if I hear that the Colonel had to hire someone from Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. So the destruction of Libyan aircraft still unlikely to become NATO's simply a pleasure trip.

"SP": — What is, in fact, the meaning of this whole operation? Will the destruction of Libyan air force and air defense dramatically reverse the situation on the fronts.

— I do not think. The turning point in the war has already begun, and Gaddafi able dodavit rebels around Benghazi and without the introduction of aviation. To assist the rebels really need a ground operation, and I very much doubt that anyone in NATO it dares.

Indeed, the ground operation, if the decision about it will still be accepted, threatens the attacking side fundamentally on the number of other losses and is not guaranteed of success frisky. The forces under the control of Muammar Gaddafi, now dispersed across Libya and, as can be seen from the experience of the last few weeks, know very highest mobility. "Spot" operation on the physical elimination of the colonel's also unlikely to solve the problem of: Libya will simply inter-clan war civilian clothes, a prime target for all sides in what will be the foreign military.

Can be dragged into this adventure Our homeland? In answering this question, Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Nikolai Makarov said: "No, that's impossible."

Meanwhile, news agencies, there were reports that the bombing on Libya is likely in the coming hours.

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